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Shitcoiners have fat bags, really fat bags, really fat bags. A couple of weeks ago I put up for sale to see what response I would get. I imagined Roger Ver offering to sell in 2013, and what would have happened if another player had bought it. I’ve had a few groups of crypto users offer to buy the domain (I’ll probably do some Nostr ICO), but yeah, that’s not going to happen.

My history with Nostr

About 3 years ago, I made my first Twitter clone on Nostr, and started bugging the Nostr telegram group to buy After a few weeks of tapping, I sold roughly 1 BTC and got the range. The scope has been exacerbated for a few years by a poorly designed start page for Nostr projects.

At the beginning of this year, with all the well-deserved attention Nostr was starting to get, it was clear we needed a better splash page. We hosted the excellent site created by jeffg for on the site. To leverage the domain, Fiatjaf was given full control to host awesome nostr projects on subdomains (thank you Fiatjaf). Being Nostr’s most visited website, it is clearly a very important portal for ClearNet users.

LNbits, Nostr and Covid

Those Covid years were a productive period, and in addition to creating Nostr, a few of us, like Fiatjaf, Eneko and myself created LNbits, an extension-based Lightning Wallet accounting system, which would make it easy to showcase cutting-edge Bitcoin functionality. While Nostr was thriving and the great contributors were starting to build already successful clients, I focused all my attention on LNbits. Although I did not have enough time to develop on Nostr, I encouraged the protocol as much as possible, Talking about it on popular Bitcoin podcasts And conduct the first lecture on Nostr at HCCP in 2021.

We had a few Nostr LNbits extensions in the works as of 2022, such as one-click easy relay, an extension for selling NIP05 addresses, a Nostr-market extension (its predecessor, Diagon Alley, an influence on the creation of the Nostr protocol), and a Nostr-client extension that always It can multiplex and route notes to different extensions in LNbits (required for Nostr-market so that the merchant can create invoices without his client being “online”).

LNbits has always been a hobby project. But as the project developed and was widely used (even by a bank), it made sense to push hard to get the project out of beta. It was also strange that we were creating a useful accounting tool but not using it in a business context ourselves. With the community’s blessing, LNbits’ core developers created LNbits Inc, a for-profit arm that would help develop LNbits and provide some useful services, such as launching LNbits as a one-click service (similar to launching WordPress on ), a shop for all your DIY Bitcoin hardware/swag, and a support service for people who want to implement LNbits modules into their collection. We got a seed from the excellent Max Webster from Hivemind Ventures, which meant 6 of us could work on LNbits full time for a year, building services and pushing to get LNbits out of beta.

the nose

All LNbits Nostrcentric extensions were given momentum with Nostrenaissance in early 2023, and we were able to get them ready(ish) Unveiled in Nostricaas well as the Nostr hardware signature device created by Myself, Vlad Stan, Fiatjaf and Stephan Snigrev.

It made sense for the development of our Nostr extensions to use them to provide some services on, similar to what we did with LNbits Inc, so I planned to give LNbits Inc the right to manage the domain for the next three years, to maximize its utility, by providing services Relay, NIP05 names, DIY Signature Devices Sale Nostr.

Before LNbits Inc’s seed round, “officially” transferring the rights to the company, I decided to put the domain on the market to see if anyone would like to buy the domain. During the first few days, some people reached out, but after some superficial research, it became clear that their intentions may not be honorable. I have worked tirelessly for six years on free and open source Bitcoin software and hardware. All the engineers I worked with during that time are here for the potential of Bitcoin/Nostr to create greater freedom. Nostr will change our world for the better, and although I believe can be made more useful, it is imperative that does not fall into corrupt hands. Having a domain management team will help this not happen. I’m happy to hand control over to LNbits Inc, and I’m very excited to see more great tools/apps being handed over through them.

Also check out Excellent Update Nostr-market.

Pura vida. Start wearing purple.

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