Not bad! 3 foods you can stick to a healthy diet

How to maintain eating habits health there has been growing concern these days, especially as more people have gained weight and some have even experienced health problems since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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The biggest issue is that there are different types of crazy diets that do not work and require some foods that are not cheap for most people, especially considering the current prices of some products and foods.

The fact is that most people use the internet to choose what to eat during a meal, but this makes many people frustrated when they come across these instructions, as they require expensive and impossible foods.

But did you know that it is quite it is possible eat a healthy diet without having to buy these foods that are not available for all budgets? After all, it is not what you eat, but how much you eat.

You do not need to skip certain foods while dieting! Just control your daily routine and avoid using it all the time.

And to help you with that, we will tell you more about three foods that are considered “bad” in the diet, but can continue to be eaten without any problems, as long as you know how to swallow each one.



Eggs seemed to be bad for healthy eating for a long time, but this is something that is not guaranteed. In fact, eggs have great nutritional value as they contain many nutrients and vitamins such as A; B2; B6; B9; B12; hill; NA; D and K. Both are very important for our well-being.

In addition, they also provide minerals like sodium; selenium; potassium; zinc; phosphorus; magnesium; metal; iodine and calcium. So, get it in your head right now that you can easily incorporate them into your diet, as long as you prefer the cooking methods that the eggs are most. naturei.e. boiled and rubbed.

gluten in general

French bread

Yes, many say that gluten is bad for health, but the fact is that the problem here is similar to the condition of eggs and subsequent foods that we will discuss later.

Too much gluten can undoubtedly make people get fat. But its moderate use does not need to be discontinued just because you saw it online that it should be. You have to give up everything.

In summary, the point here is that you need to reduce the amount of gluten-free foods in your diet when you start eating, but you do not have to eliminate them completely from your life.

Dairy products (cheese, butter, yogurt and others)


Although milk is very common in Brazilian life, we are more accustomed to other types of dairy products every day, such as butter and cheese, aren’t they? Especially those who cook.

And as many say they can’t be part of the diet, the reality is that not only can they, they should! In addition to being, for the most part, an important source of calcium, it is also a good source of protein (in the case of cheese).

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