OKX Liquid Marketplace Outperforms in September, Reaching All-Tim Level Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 18, 2023, Chainwire

OK xA leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 technology company made the announcement today Futures spreads trading volume On that Liquids marketthe OTC spot, futures spread and options liquidity network, reached a monthly record of US$1.54 billion in September 2023. This milestone marks 62%* From the institutional market share of the forward spread for this month.

Since July 2023 launch From Nitro Spreads, a place within OKX’s Liquid Marketplace for institutional traders to implement basis, futures spreads, financing price arbitrage strategies, and accumulators for OKX. Futures contracts are spread in large quantities It led the market from August 28 to October 11, 2023.

OKX futures spread volumes also outperformed during “high volume” days, with OKX futures spreads exceeding the 100 million USDT mark on four occasions within the time frame (on September 12, September 19, September 28, and October 10 in 2023).

These trading volume parameters anchor the OKX indicator Liquids market As the venue of choice for institutional traders looking to take advantage of superior liquidity on a range of trades, including futures spreads, OTC spot basis and options.

Lenx Lai, Chief Commercial Officer of OKX, said: “The latest futures spread volume figures confirm that the OKX Liquid Marketplace is a diverse ecosystem of counterparties that follow a range of trading strategies and indicate that it is a preferred trading venue for institutional traders. We have worked hard to develop the products, liquidity and intuitive trading features that traders demand in a A highly competitive market. We will continue to listen to our traders and adapt the platform to their needs going forward to further grow our client base.

Since its launch in July 2023, OKX has been on a roll Announce On October 6 that Nitro spreads Cumulative trading volume exceeds more than 2 billion US dollars.

Nitro Spreads is a place for institutional traders to implement advanced strategies and efficiently facilitate delta trades in OKX’s Liquid Marketplace. With the ability to execute both sides of a trade via a central order book, Nitro Spreads reduces inter-market leg risk and provides institutional traders with improved capital efficiency. Prior to execution, traders can also set guaranteed spreads for the trade, which mitigates unexpected price slippage. Trades are then matched and settled instantly.

*source: Lafitas

About OKEx

OKX is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange and innovative Web3 company. Trusted by over 50 million global users, OKX is known as the fastest and most reliable cryptocurrency trading app for traders everywhere.

As a key partner of Premier League champions Manchester City FC, McLaren Formula 1, Olympian Scottie James and Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, OKX aims to enhance the fan experience with new engagement opportunities. OKX is also the main partner of Tribeca Festival as part of an initiative to bring more creators to web3.

OKX Wallet is the platform’s latest offering for people looking to explore the world of NFTs and the metaverse while trading GameFi and DeFi tokens.

OKX is committed to transparency and security and publishes proof of its reserves on a monthly basis.

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