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The Milwaukee Bucks had a good chance of scoring in a row against the Boston Celtics. After beating their opponents on the road last Wednesday and opening 3-2, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s team needed an easy victory this Friday, at Fiserv Stadium, to settle the match. But Jayson Tatum and the company were not a joke. Relying on solid results from their number 0, the Celtics ignored another good performance from Antetokounmpo and defeated their opponent by 108 to 95.

Giannis Antetokounmpo could not avoid losing the Bucks – Photo: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

That victory makes Boston decide for their domains. The seventh and final match between the two teams will be this Sunday, at 16:30 (Brasília time). Whoever wins will face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference decision.

With 46 points, Jayson Tatum was the top scorer of the night. Giannis Antetokounmpo was the second best scorer with 44. The Greek had two goals in the game, as he grabbed 20 rebounds. Other key players who participated this Friday were: Jaylen Brown (22 points) and Marcus Smart (21), for the Celtics; and Jrue Holiday (17 points), for the Bucks.

The game started off well, but with a little Celtics quality, which they scored 9 for 4. In three minutes, Marcus Smart hit the third ball, making 12 for 6. A few seconds later, it was Tatum’s turn to kill the third ball. to strangers. The Bucks did not falter, and at five o’clock, Antetokounmpo dropped to 15-14. For inspiration, Giannis equalized 17-17 in a row. The restoration didn’t take long to happen and it came with a Holiday basket: 20-17. But Boston responded in the following minutes, winning the fourth by 28-26 thanks to three points from Tatum in the final seconds.

The Celtics returned well in the second quarter, jumping to 38-30 in just two minutes. At four o’clock, Tatum invaded the mold and made it 40-30. It was ruled until then, the Bucks took a long time to wake up. At four, Antetokounmpo dropped to 42-37, reaching 21 points in the match. Shortly afterwards, Holiday narrowed the gap to three – 42 to 39 -, sparking a crowd. Even under pressure, Boston remained stable, and at nine, White made it 45-39 three times. Milwaukee felt the blow and did not find much strength to respond in the first half, losing 53 to 43 points.

Jayson Tatum tries basketball, closely guarded by Jrue Holiday – Photo: Stacy Revere / Getty Images

The third quarter started with a lot of activity, with the Celtics keeping pace. In three minutes, Brown scored 63 for 48, forcing coach Mike Budenholzer to suspend the game. Rebuke worked, and the Bucks started a new response, so much so that, at noon, Portis dropped to 68-56. At eight o’clock, Giannis went to the tray, shut up, and was fouled. When the Greek turned the free throw game, the result was 70 to 62. Boston did not shake, and at the age of 10, Theis scored 77 to 64. With 12 seconds left, Tatum hit three points, expanding to 83. There was still time for Giannis to slow down and score at the end of the fourth to 83 to 70.

Playing to the best of his ability or missing out on the match, Giannis set himself up early in the last quarter, scoring 34 points, and dropping to 84-73. In the fourth minute, Connaughton hit the third ball, narrowing the gap. to six – 84. to 78. One minute later, the Bucks dropped to 85-81 three times from Antetokounmpo. But Boston had Jayson Tatum, who tried to kill the three-ball in the series, and cooled the opponent’s response. At seven o’clock, Brown went 98-87, further exacerbating Milwaukee’s condition. Lacking the power to respond, the Bucks could do nothing until the decisive victory of the Celtics 108-95.

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Game 1 (5/1) – Celtics 101 x 89 Bucks
Game 2 (5/3) – Celtics 109 x 86 Bucks
Game 3 (5/7) – Bucks 103 x 101 Celtics
Game 4 (5/9) – Bucks 108 x 116 Celtics
Game 5 (5/11) – Celtics 107 x 110 Bucks
Game 6 (5/13) – Bucks 95 x 108 Celtics
Game 7 (15/05) – Celtics v Bucks, 16:30

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