OpenSea is “unaware” of any involvement of a former executive in a $60 million rug sweep Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

NFT platform OpenSea says it is not aware of any evidence suggesting a former employee was involved in the infamous AnubisDAO rug pull in 2021 following new accusations on social media.

In an October 6th thread on “

Both NFT Ethics account and blockchain analytics account Lookonchain claimed that 0xSisyphus, and by extension Pawlak, played a key role in promoting the AnubisDAO project to investors, shortly before the project transferred newly raised funds to a series of external wallets.

The NFT Ethics thread attempted to explain that Pawlak’s alleged role in the AnubisDAO rug pull was premeditated with other developers and he laundered the proceeds through the memecoin Pepe (PEPE).

However, an OpenSea spokesperson told Cointelegraph that they were not aware of Pawlak’s involvement in any of these activities, but also noted that Palwak had “limited scope” while working at the company.

“Kevin is a former employee who left the company in June of 2023. His scope of work was limited while at OpenSea – working in a non-management position. We have no knowledge of his involvement in the projects in question.”

“Furthermore, we have no connection or information about the projects in question, as they occurred before his time at OpenSea,” the company representative said.

In October 2021, AnubisDAO raised 13,556 Ethereum – worth $60 million at the time – from cryptocurrency investors. However, after about 20 hours, the funds were sent to several different wallet addresses, resulting in an immediate loss for investors.

Blockchain investigator ZachXBT also appeared to throw cold water on the accusations, saying that the thread was “one of the most mid-curve things he has read.”

He added that much of the thread appears to be making many assumptions about 0xSisyphus’ role in the alleged rug-pulling operation using “irrelevant events without facts.”

It is also understood that 0xSisyphus once offered a 1,000 ETH reward to anyone who could identify the wallet address that drained the pool, and has involved law enforcement in both the US and Hong Kong, which could raise further doubts about the new accusations.

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“Is Sisyphus guilty of gross negligence for lying about the Anubis multi-team? Absolutely 100%. There may be a possible civil case for the victims,” ​​Zack wrote.

Zach pointed out that negligence in this case is very different from stealing money from your own business. “[As far as I know] Sisyphus was the only member of the team he spoke to [Department of Homeland Security]”.

“Do you really think they didn’t look at him first and monitor his activity?” Zack asked.

Zak explained that the two actors most likely responsible for the money lost during the AnubisDAO scandal were pseudonymous users known only as “Beerus” and “Ersan.”

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