Palmeiras 2022: from time to time do not doubt – 06/21/2022

What impresses me most about this Palmeiras is the unwavering conviction of victory. At least, in the possibility of victory. Something that comes out of the arena, not from outside, and one of the most terrifying fans on the planet (who always thinks: the team is good, but it will lose because it started to lose and because it is time for things to start going wrong.

Fans and outraged fans, most recently with Palmeiras from 2018-2019, see failure as a failure. Better yet, as with scoring in the 45th minute of the second half, as a draw and a taste of victory. They seldom think of change.

Abel Ferreira’s team sees an endless fight. “It only ends when it ends”. Knife on teeth from start to finish.

It would not be uncommon – and not to be blamed – to be satisfied with a 1-1 draw in the control time limit. Uniform with a taste of victory. Put everyone back and celebrate the maintenance of a losing record, now 19 games, the importance of not losing an opponent in a difficult week, the championship leads to points of profit.

But the feeling I have is that that doesn’t matter at all to Abel’s trainers. It is only necessary to fight to the end. Breaking taboos.

Murilo’s goal, 50 minutes into the final, came after three consecutive corners. Nonsense pressure. When the sketch would be beautiful. When even the crowd was already delighted with the action saved at the end of the lights.

The thing about this Palmeiras of 2021-2022 is that the lights do not go out. The team creates, but returns. It loses players, but it pays off. Play badly, but win.

The team was without Gustavo Gómez and also without conceding goals. When he came back, it was scoring goals. Raphael Veiga left and did not miss. Marcos Rocha too. Zé Rafael was absent yesterday, but only in the first half. There is a way to somehow.

Success in the ceremony shows how “we are all one” and “against everything and against everyone” took. Regardless of what is said in the interview, the players’ responses say it all.

It is in the nature of Palmeiras fans to disbelieve. Believing that “Parmerada” always lurks, that if everything goes well, it must end at any moment. I sincerely hope that this phase is not just a memory, a moment that should be taken advantage of, but it was not understood when it was done.

The 2022 Parmerada loses and scores 4 goals in 7 minutes. Or two in stoppage time, igniting a big opponent, at home. The 2022 Parmerada is a turning point.

It’s not just the names – and there are many. The reign of Abel Ferreira could leave in Palmeiras a legacy of honesty, trust to the end, of unshakable faith in the team of change. The journey from “always be skeptical” to “do not doubt”. It will be unparalleled. And worthless.

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