Palmeiras returns to the final, defeats São Paulo and is eliminated from Brazil

A crowd of about 30,000 people watched in amazement as Palmeiras returned, in minutes of safe sleep, in the regular game against São Paulo, Morumbi, in the 13th round match of Brasileirão. After leading with Patrick at the start of the game, Tricolor lost power and allowed the opponent to grow, who, in the 50th minute of the second half, claimed a 2-1 victory, with goals from Gustavo Gómez and Murilo.

Unbeaten in 12 matches in Brasileirão (all 19 of the season), Alviverde maintained Nacional’s isolated lead, with 28 points. with 18 points.

The two teams are now focusing on the Copa do Brasil. On Thursday (23) they will fight once again at Morumbi, in the first leg of the round of 16 knockout chase.

Direct from Sao Paulo

Directly from Palmeiras

Best of all: Patrick

The 88 shirt had a great time at the match in more varied roles. He was previously selected as Calleri’s attacking ally, responsible for opening the São Paulo goal. Then, he stepped back to form a midfield and held on to Mayke’s elevation.

It was bad: Dudu contributed a little and was not to blame

It was not his fault, but the fact is that Dudu did not add much to the improvements of Abel Ferreira and João Martins as a solid right-back assistant Gómez. Confused in the marking, shirt 7 was not very supportive, stuck in defense.

sequence of game events

São Paulo began by pushing for the departure of Palmeiras, who took a long time to find himself. And it was in a game that Igor Vinícius forced Veron to give a corner, where the locals reached the goal. Rodrigo Nestor hit a sharp corner, Palmeiras’ defense did not break and the ball still passed Gabriel Menino before getting Patrick’s chest and, after that, the Weverton net.

But Palmeiras did not stop pushing for one minute from that moment. And, in the 45 ‘of the second stage, he was rewarded. Scarpa played well on the right, cut in the middle and crossed from the left. Behind the back, Gustavo Gómez climbed up and tried right down to kill Jandrei.

And with a lot of emphasis, in the 50 ‘of the second half, Murilo took the opportunity to get frustrated after a Scarpa corner and pushed the ball into the back of the net and changed the match for Verdão.

Patrick becomes Calleri’s partner and scores a goal

Patrick precedes the closing of São Paulo

Rogério Ceni decided to replace Jonathan Calleri’s attacking ally. With Luciano in a nine-match drought without scoring, the coach opted to replace Patrick as a striker. In the short term, the choice proved to be right.

The No. 88 jersey formed a good pair with Reinaldo on the left and gave Gustavo Gómez the job, who was selected as a right-back. In the 17th minute, Patrick put himself in second place and made good use of Gabriel Menino’s ball before São Paulo’s goal.

In addition to putting Tricolor at a disadvantage, Patrick became Calleri’s first-choice striker since the start of the game to shake the net since Rigoni scored against Botafogo-SP, in the Paulistão-Eder group stage, against Red Bull Bragantino, and Luciano, against of Athletico and Fortaleza, he scored, but entered the second half.

The VAR was established three times in the 1st period

The first multi-event episode featured at least three VAR reviews on key games. The first came from Patrick’s goal. After Gabriel Menino’s deflection, the São Paulo midfielder pushed the ball into the net. The referee, however, had to analyze whether the ball touched São Paulo’s hand or not, something that was not confirmed and the tender was confirmed.

Later, two bids for Palmeiras were analyzed. In 20 minutes, Rony collapsed after a dispute with Jandrei and asked for a penalty. The judge ordered it to continue. Five minutes later, Gustavo Gómez hit a cross, Veron headed home and Jandrei saved. On the rebound, Piquerez penetrated and the São Paulo goalkeeper joined once again with Rony. After a quick analysis of the tender, the arbitration ordered it to continue.

Palmeiras just started to be in danger with 21 minutes’

Palmeiras took some time to recover after conceding the goal. At 21 ‘, Rony teamed up with Jandrei, in a move that the VAR said was not a penalty. In the 25 ‘minute, Gómez crossed over and Veron, a little embarrassed, got into danger. Jandrei crawled as far as he could, on the line. In the 31st minute, Scarpa hit from outside the area after Menino. It was close.

Alviverde pressure develops at the end of stage 1 and continues at 2

For a short time, the Palmeiras came to dominate the game in the final minutes of the 1st period, which followed at the start of the 2nd, especially with a score increase. Gabriel Menino, Scarpa and Rony were the most dangerous, with a lot of movement and mid-range kicks. Veron was looking for speed. And, after Mayke’s entry, something that freed him from fasting, Dudu also began to cooperate more.

São Paulo loses power after conversion

Rogério Ceni decided to make two changes at the same time, in the 16th minute of the second half. Igor Vinícius and the yellow-haired Gabriel Neves left, heading for the gate of Rafinha and Pablo. Despite eliminating the risk of dismissal, the change slowed São Paulo’s pace to the final.

In one of his best games wearing a São Paulo jersey, Gabriel Neves managed to pull the ball out and replace Gustavo Scarpa. Pablo Maia took a long time to fit in that column. Meanwhile, Palmeiras continued to conquer the stadium and began harassing São Paulo defense.

In the 28th minute, the draw was not too close. Mayke hit a low cross and Breno Lopes, who had just come in, hit Jandrei’s goal line.

São Paulo game: strength in the 1st period has not been maintained

São Paulo started the match with a proposal to mark the departure of the ball from Palmeiras. Relying on fine play from Igor Vinícius and Gabriel Neves, Rogério Ceni’s team made a crucial attack in the first half, as in a corner kick, in the 17th minute, which ended with Patrick’s goal.

In the second stage, a strong rhythm lost power. Gabriel Neves, who had received a yellow card, was replaced, and Pablo Maia could not maintain the standard. Meanwhile, Palmeiras began to dominate the actions of the match.

Palmeiras game: Carelessness at the gate, pressure in the rest of the game

São Paulo’s goal knocked Palmeiras out of the game for a few minutes. But once he was reunited, he dominated many actions, taking on great pressure, with high scores, stealing balls, and explaining sports. A little more effort was needed against São Paulo which won by force.

The last whistle is a frustrated password

After the final whistle, before the Palmeiras celebrations, the São Paulo players surrounded Palmeiras. On the way to the locker room, advertising cameras caught Reinaldo dropping a bottle of alcohol jelly into a tunnel. The route still had exchange talks between the athletes of the two teams.

Tite follows closely

An old song highlighted Tite in one of Morumbi’s rooms. The coach of the Brazilian team was with César Sampaio, one of his assistants, monitoring the match. The former midfielder played for Palmeiras and São Paulo as a player. The last time the coach was called was attended by Palmeiras Weverton and Danilo.

Yesterday (19), Tite and César Sampaio were at the Neo Química Arena following Corinthians’ 1-0 win over Goiás.


Brasileirão, 13th round
Date and time: June 20, 2022 (Monday) at 8 p.m.
Location: Morumbi Stadium, São Paulo (SP)
Public: 31,055 people
Revenue: BRL 1,314,153.00
Judge: Anderson Daronco (Fifa / RS)
Assistants: Rafael Alves (Fifa / RS) and Michel Estanislau (RS)
VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo do Amaral (SP)
goals: Patrick, 17 ‘1st time (SAO); Gustavo Gómez and Murilo (PAL), in 45 ‘and 50’ of period 2
Yellow cards: Reinaldo, Igor Vinícius, Gabriel Neves (SAO); Danilo (PAL)

SAO PAULO: Jandrei; Diego Costa, Arboleda, Leo; Igor Vinícius (Rafinha), Igor Gomes, Gabriel Neves (Pablo Maia), Rodrigo Nestor (Rigoni), Reinaldo (Miranda); Patrick and Calleri (Eder). Technician: Rogerio Ceni

MTENDE: Weverton; Gómez, Luan (Mayke), Murilo and Piquerez (Wesley); Danilo (Atuesta), Gabriel Menino and Gustavo Scarpa; Dudu, Rony (Navarro) and Gabriel Veron (Breno Lopes). Technician: Joao Martins (assistant)

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