Paulo Sousa, from Flamengo, denies the allegations against Eric Faria and evaluates taking the case to court.

A few hours after Eric Faria of TV Globo said that Paulo Sousa would “order” a question about Diego Alves.technician of Flamengo released an official letter on the subject Thursday night. In a document published by the press office, Paulo Sousa denies the information provided by a journalist on “Seleção SporTV”. He even refuses to take the case to court.

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– I have never had any personal conversations with any journalist, either through text messaging or phone calls, despite receiving several direct requests from experts from more different vehicles. Paulo Sousa vehemently denies the statement issued by Eric Faria that he would have “ordered” some kind of question to a journalist. The technician regrets that a specialist from one of the major communications vehicles in the country, easily, without listening to all parties involved, made this type of indictment. And it does not rule out the possibility of finding a way to justice if there is no public eviction – the letter says.

The question asked was asked by co-worker Eric Faria on TV Globo. In Flamengo’s daily broadcasts, Fred Huber took to Twitter to say that he had used the opportunity at a press conference with Paulo Sousa to confirm reports that the coach would not be satisfied with the goalkeeper.

A few minutes later, Eric Faria himself also used Twitter to clarify his statement. The journalist commented that the “order” would, in fact, be a hint from a third party that the matter could be filed, as it happened. He also said he would do the same with Huber if he were in that situation.


After the victory against Universidad Católica (CHI), Paulo Sousa was asked about Diego Alves’ absence from the match. During the validation, the coach informed that the goalkeeper had not practiced with the group since May 8, and that, out of respect for “processes”, he could not throw him out.

In addition, the coach mentioned a meeting between shirt 1 and director Bruno Spindel, at which Diego Alves would volunteer. View all details provided by coach Paulo Sousa with a click here!

The statements made Tuesday night had a profound effect. Wednesday, Diego Alves posted a picture of Adriano on Instagramwith the following message: “God forgive these wicked people.”

Goalkeeping coach Paulo Grilo also took to social media, posting a picture of the Flamengo group with the quote “we are all a minority” and the classification of Libertadores Group H.

With tensions between shirt 1 and coaching staff exposed, a The meeting was held at Vulture’s NestThis Thursday, with the presence of Diego Alves, Diego Ribas, Paulo Sousa and Bruno Spindel.


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