Paulo Sousa’s work at Flamengo has completely failed

In the first six rounds, with 18 points at stake, Flamengo won only six. Consumption of 33.33%. Team performance has declined. No excuses are acceptable, no excuses are acceptable. After more than four months of work, Paulo Sousa’s team is a pile on the field and is playing under the leadership of all the Landim era coaches: Abel Braga, Jorge Jesus, Domènec Torrent, Rogério Ceni and Renato Gaúcho. Complete disaster.

In a draw with Ceará, which came from three consecutive blows and he is in the relegation zone, blaming Hugo alone (who missed Ceará’s second goal) is not fair and is not faithful to what was seen in the match. Even because the goalkeeper had saved three times before, two of them in the final stage, when Paulo Sousa’s team was swallowed up by a corner by Dorival Jr.’s, on the uneven Castelão lawn.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that the red-black fired just one shot at the gate during the entire second period, where the most dangerous point of the Carioca attack was Pablo’s head, on the goal rock, after another piece of Arrascaeta. (author of two two-goal crosses by William Arão, in the first half). Once again, Flamengo was a desert of less effective ideas, games and techniques.

After trying, unsuccessfully to implement his system of playing position, with three defenders and two wingers sidelined, Paulo Sousa surrenders to more cultural play, but has yet to find results. Gabigol now, who knows why, is retreating more than ever and the rival territory, in most cases, is a desert with a small population of red and black attackers. Not surprisingly, goals usually come from set pieces, as in the disappointing draw at Fortaleza.

It is surprising that anyone believes that Paul Sousa’s “processes” will still send Flamengo anywhere significant. Of course, the coach is not the only culprit – the entire football department has been wiped out and lost, the direct mistake of his football vice president Marcos Braz, being welcomed by fans in Ceará for a good shower of popcorn.

If the president had been someone else, other than Rodolfo Landim who was silent and absent all the time, a major refinement would have already been made there. Apparently, however, this will only happen, if it happens, when Flamengo has no more place in one of the titles that is still in contention: Libertadores, Copa do Brasil and Brasileiro.

Or, by playing this mequetrefe football, does anyone, in his right mind, believe that the most expensive squad on the continent will lift the 2022 trophy? The simplest of them (Carioquinha’s fourth championship) was lost of course. And from there to here, instead of the team changing, it split. Paulo Sousa’s work at Flamengo has completely failed.

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