Perrone: In addition to defending Crispim, Neymar sparks an important debate – 06/19/2022

Neymar took to Twitter to criticize Lucas Crispim’s departure from Fortaleza after the player promoted a birthday party amid controversy over the club.

The PSG player knew how to use his appearance on social media to highlight an important and historic debate.

Despite being older, the eternal debate about what a soccer player does off the field is an unresolved issue in Brazil. Mainly because of the lack of depth that is being treated.

Neymar also had no depth when he discussed the issue. It may not even be a tweet, but he raised the ball for important discussions.

“Did you miss it? You can’t celebrate the birthday of your grandmother, son, wife and especially you.

Being an athlete is not easy, having fun can only be done after your career is over, how crazy, “wrote the Brazilian national team star.

Defending his friend and fellow professional, Neymar cited the historical argument used by those defending the controls of players’ lives during their vacations.

The thesis goes along with this verse: “When you retire, the athlete is still young and has a whole lifetime of fun. Especially those who do well. Therefore, you should hold on while you play”.

Although absurd, the idea remains for a group of followers. Like every employee, a football player has his or her rights and responsibilities. There are days off and work hours. This does not depend on how much he earns or how old he is at retirement.

Fortaleza did not use this argument to justify the removal. However, it directed the debate in a negative way, in the opinion of the author of this column.

“Athletes, of course, have a right to recreation. However, they must be aware that there are appropriate times and ways to do so. Professional players represent the club, and the institution needs to be respected especially in the most difficult of times “, says a statement issued by the club.

That is, Neymar summed up the details well: “lost, he can’t celebrate”.

Fortaleza argues that the athlete must know the right time for his or her leisure activities. In every profession, this time occurs during breaks, after daily work and holidays.

The club is still making a sign when it says there is ample way for an athlete to enjoy his leisure time. Employers cannot control how their employees spend their free time.

Fortaleza erred in the course chosen to justify his decision because what matters to the club is not how the athlete is entertained outside the club, but how he performs his job.

If the person took them all during recess and the next day arrived late for training and / or was unable to exercise properly, the board must take action. Holidays are not the responsibility of directors and technical committees. But if a player is out of shape and produces little because of that, the club must take action based on the athlete’s professional play.

Just handing over the player’s head to the crowd because he celebrated a bad time on the team provokes animosity against the athletes. Fortaleza needs the opposite, after one fan attacked forward Robson with a hat at the airport.

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