Physiotherapist describes Bruno Henrique’s injury; see the possibility of a return

Bruno Henrique came off the bench injured in a game against Cuiabá last Wednesday (15). Flamengo published that his wound was vascular, but there is still no information about the treatment of the wound and whether the 27 shirt will require surgery.

For information already published by Rubro-Negro, a physical therapist Hector Pelerano, sought by Mundo Rubro Negro, describes the player’s injury in more detail. Since this is a multiple vascular injury, several arteries were affected, and Hector makes clear what is happening to the arteries and which one is injured.

“Bruno Henrique suffered a knee injury in a process we call hyperextension and varus (lateralization of the knee), which is when the joint exceeds the motion and as a result the arteries push to its limit. Bruno Henrique’s leg on the sidelines, forcing him to step up to the center while his knee moves with great force. collateral ligament (LCL) and posterolateral corner (PLC), as well as the posterior meniscus, “explains Hector.

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Bruno Henrique could miss the rest of Flamengo’s season depending on the treatment and severity of the injury.

The physiotherapist also explains how this type of wound should be treated.

“Given the number of structures involved, it is normal for the joint to be filled with water and this extra edema makes it difficult to visualize these structures. It is therefore important to have a physiotherapy protocol using analgesic and anti-inflammatory resources to reduce this edema. Reduced edema and also pain will allow the Flamengo medical team to perform special orthopedic tests that were added to the magnetic resonance imaging will bring more resilience to the next step, becoming a conservative treatment based on physical therapy. and surgical treatment. ”, reports a doctor.

Since Flamengo still does not know if surgery will be needed, these treatments may vary, as well as its duration of recovery. This can be stressful, as it can take anywhere from three to nine months. In the worst case, in surgery, it is likely that Bruno Henrique will only return to play next season.

“If it is conservative, where we assume that there was no complete rupture of the arteries involved, the repair takes an average of 12 weeks. on his return to the field “, concludes Hector.

Flamengo’s next game is against Atlético-MG, Sunday (19), in Mineirão, at 4pm (Brasilia time). The match marks the start of a possible series without Bruno Henrique, with fans hoping it will be as short as possible.

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