Pitacos: Botafogo breaks a restless taboo and gain strength; Lucas Piazon is growing very much; the judge and the VAR deserve a longer sentence

* The data is not ours, nor is it new, and was collected by journalist Pedro Dep, from Setor Visitante. Since 2016, when they beat Grêmio in Porto Alegre in the final round of the Brazilian Championship, Botafogo has not won a major team from Brazil as a guest (not counting the old teams). The victory came in a crazy, impossible, unpredictable, exciting game and a happy ending for Alvinegro.

* When Sávio Pereira Sampaio, called by the VAR, scored a non-existent penalty (scandal) and dismissed Philipe Sampaio, the view that almost unanimously was that the game ended there. Internacional is strong at home, had a long run without fail and would have roughly 90 minutes with one more player. Opinion remained with the second goal, but it fell when Vinícius Lopes scored. Botafogo came back with everything in the game. And Inter weakened with the departure of its key players (Alan Patrick and Wanderson).

* Botafogo’s strong defense, prayers and courage deserve to be highlighted, which never gave up. There were several good personal performances, but this time we will appreciate Lucas Piazon. Previously he was considered slow and unstable, he has already proven himself to be another player, vibrant, participatory, determined. And with technical ability, game reading and intelligence, as well as good in set pieces. pity to leave suspended and with dislocated shoulder, that return soon.

* Sávio Pereira Sampaio and Rafael Traci deserve long and severe punishment. They ruined a good game, they made a lot of mistakes. That punishment is absurd, but there are several other wrongs. The origin of the penalty is Inter’s full-back where it appears that the ball with Kayque did not come out. The second goal came after the referee exchanged an open corner with Botafogo for Inter. Joel Carli gets a card for a foul in a game that was offside and was not marked. There was an extra time of 26 minutes. Inter are still complaining about the possibility of Klaus’ penalty and a millimeter offside on Mercado’s disallowed goal.

* The confusion caused by the referee was so great that it affected the emotions of all in attendance, such as players, coaches and fans. Luís Castro was punished with dismissal, such as Philipe Sampaio, Mercado, Lucas Piazon and David. There is a risk of further punishment in STJD. And what about the judges? What they did in Beira-Rio is invalid.

* Why did journalists regard the last game brawl as “initiated by Lucas Piazon”? Why did you ignore the fact that the Botafogo player was provoked by opponents after Mercado’s goal was disallowed? Why did they hit the key so hard that Piazon annoyed the opponents when there was no picture showing, even with 500 cameras? Why do you put so much emphasis on frustration? Why don’t you talk about Internacional irritability and rejection and failure? Why didn’t it highlight or emphasize the positive reception of Botafogo fans at the airport? The media should stop and rethink that they have a part in the increase in recent incidents of violence in football.


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