Polygon co-founder steps down and will contribute ‘from the sidelines’ Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

Polygon co-founder Jinti Kanani announced that he was stepping back from “day-to-day work” on the project for the first time in six years.

In a thread dated October 4 (formerly Twitter), Al-Kanani He said He planned to focus “on new adventures” while contributing to Polygon “from the sidelines.” He, along with software engineers including Sandeep Nailwal, Anurag Arjun and Mihailo Bilić, helped found Matic Network in 2017, which was later rebranded as Polygon.

“Man this makes me emotional.” He said Nailwal responded to this ad. “What a journey we’ve been on together, brother. But it’s just the beginning for Polygon, and I wish we could do more for a little longer together on this crazy journey that is Polygon. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

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Polygon’s website listed 10 co-founders of the protocol, some of whom are still involved in various side projects on the platform. Arjun left Polygon in March with blockchain data availability protocol pitch Avail.

Polygon Labs has begun accepting improvement proposals aimed at moving the network to Polygon 2.0 since announcing plans in June. The new ecosystem will use zero-knowledge proofs and will consist of four protocol layers focused on storage, interoperability, execution, and proof. At the time of publication, the developers were still working a job About “Polygon 2.0 Revival”.

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Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

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