Quiderolly says that Jô is not worried about the pregnancy and reveals the godfather

Advocate Maiára Quiderolly used his social network to claim that he had not spoken to striker Jô since he revealed that he was the father of an expectant child. Moreover, he even shot that The ancient Corinthians is not worried about pregnancy and said that Botafogo midfielder Patrick de Paula will be the baby’s godfather.

When asked if Jô is worried about her baby’s pregnancy, Quiderolly denied it. Then he added: “We haven’t talked since I said here that he is the father.”

Advocate Maiára Quiderolly said he had not spoken to Jô since he revealed that the attacker was the father of the child he was expecting.

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However, he said that, for the sake of the child, he is “quite open” to be friendly with the attacker if he wants to “become a father”. “But if he regrets it, wants to be a father and we have a friendly relationship for the benefit of the child, I’m quite open,” he added.

Then, the lobbyist added that midfielder Patrick de Paula, a former Palmeiras player and now in Botafogo, would be the god of the child and his wife, Bruna Inácio. “Of course, there is a godfather and a godmother. My best friend, the brother that life gave me, and his wife,” he said.

Maiára and PK have been friends since the player played for Palmeiras and they have a friendship tattoo.

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Advocate Maiára Quiderolly revealed that Patrick de Paula and the bride would be the father god of her son and striker Jô.

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In addition, the model explained that she and the baby’s father talked about the name they would give their baby, but she ended up changing on her own. When asked who chose the name, Quiderolly wrote: “The baby’s father and I even talked about it. He wanted João Lucca, but now I’m deciding and it will be João Gabriel.”

Quiderolly she had already stated that she would not register her child alone. “Without doubt [vou registrar sozinha]! I do not I did alone “, he also reflected on Instagram.

O UOL Esporte contacted Jô’s advice and will update the text if there is a response.

to understand the story

On June 14, vertical columnist Leo Dias, from ‘Metropoles’, claimed that Jô had impregnated his alleged girlfriend, influential Maiára Quiderolly. After it was published, they both denied the engagement to the father.

The next day, however, the model and the attacker returned and revealed the possibility of jo actually be the father of the child expected by May. On social media, the digital activist revealed that he had spoken to the athlete and said that he was worried about having a “public job”.

According to the model, the initial agreement was to publicly deny courtship and fatherhood and then to handle the matter wisely. But she got angry after the actress opened the game to journalist Léo Dias and offered to take a fertility test.

“I saw my son’s father was ready to do a DNA test, as if he did not know he was my son’s father, I listened to him everything he said, I did whatever he wanted. Absolute pressure, especially because he had a public job,” he said.

“If he had refused and lived in peace, we would have done everything individually and everyone would have lived in my life. But that was not the case, he tried to clear his face with my f *** image”, he added.

The episodes sparked real controversy. Following the incident, businessman Cláudia Santos announced her separation from Jô and revealed that the bomber had five children out of wedlock. Additionally, the player deleted his Instagram account.

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