Remo against Altos-PI: see possible rows, absence and match referee | brasileirão c series

Remo and Altos-PI face off this Sunday, the 19th, from 19:00, at the Estádio Baenão, in Belém (PA). The match will be used for the 11th round of Brazil C Series C 2022. Ge announces the match in Real Time.

Baenão Stadium, and Remo, Belém – Photo: Samara Miranda / Ascom Remo

After two consecutive victories, Remo lost to Volta Redonda by 3 to 0. Leão is in the classification area, but he cannot falter. The team from Pará has the same score as Ypiranga-RS and Manaus, teams that are outside the G-8. Paulo Bonamigo will not be with Daniel Felipe, the defender was sent off in the previous game.


Altos is in its best phase in Series C. Jacaré defeated Ypiranga-RS and Ferroviário and drew with Manaus in three games that were guaranteed by their departure from Z-4. The club climbed four places in the table after a 1-0 win over Tubarão da Barra in the final round and began to see a place in the G-8.

Possible columns – Photo: Arte / ge

Rowing – Coach: Paul Bonamigo

The blue-collar coach’s main concern is who’s going to step up with defender Marlon. Daniel Felipe was sent off in a bout against Volta Redonda, in the final round. As a result of the dismissal, midfielder Anderson Uchôa was improved in the defensive line. In a press conference, Uchôa commented that he had already received training in that position.

Everton Sena is in the final stages of physical transformation, it could be that he will be replaced by Daniel Felipe. In addition to defenders, Leonan and Rodrigo Pimpão are almost ready to play. It is likely that they will be available for the match against Jacaré.

Misappropriation: Daniel Felipe (suspended) and Ronald (knee injury).

Possibility of array: Vinicius; Ricardo Luz, Everton Sena, Marlon and Renan Castro; Anderson Uchôa, Marciel, and Erick Flores; Bruno Alves, Fernandinho and Brenner.

There is a possibility of Remo column – Photo: ge Pará

Altos – Coach: Fernando Tonet

Filled after leaving the relegation zone, Altos are now battling their first away win in Serie C. For that, they will face Remo and a team that has not been tied for three matches. Although he recovered from the injury, the right defender’s finger was rescued and he did not travel with the delegates. Unlike midfielder Marconi, who was released by the medical department and re-listed.

Misappropriation: Danilo Silva (thigh injury), Netinho (pubis injury), Lucas Campos (knee injury) and Mosquito (knee injury).

Possible team: Rafael, Ferrari, Ramon, Lucas Souza and Dieyson; Tibiri, Valderrama and Marcos Aurélio; Elielton, Manoel and Betinho.

Possible list of Altos – Photo: ge Piauí

Arbitration photo – Photo: ge

  • Judge: Diego da Costa Cidral (SC)
  • Assistant 1: Johnny Barros de Oliveira (SC)
  • Assistant 2: Gizeli Casaril (SC)
  • Judge 4: Ignacio José de Almeida Pedro (PA)

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