Retired Rob Gronkowski. Again. – New York Times

Much to the relief of the defense coordinators, finalists and footballers – and to the shock of banquet boats, keg distributors and content collectors – Rob Gronkowski announced Tuesday that he (again) is retiring from the NFL This time, he means.

Gronkowski shared her plans on Instagram, where she often shares the good news of her life, such as the Gronk Beach extravaganza in Las Vegas and the Nickelodeon Children’s Choice Awards, which she co-hosted in April. Of course he did.

In his 11 NFL seasons, Gronkowski, 33, a very rude and unlucky footballer, gave the league a bad run for the game. His Joie de vivre produced a lot of memes, perhaps more unpleasant than “Yo soy his fiesta!” surprise – he slaughtered Spanish whose translation is “I am party!” – after the qualifying game in 2012.

His onomatopoeic family name brought the full nickname of 6-6 feet, 265 pounds, when Gronk joined the dictionary as a noun, verb and, sometimes, even an adjective. If he were to be falsely accused, say, Herman Weissman, Gronkowski would never have happened as a thing he did. Instead, he smiled, celebrating the touches by touching Gronk’s thorns. He played very well: 92 in the regular season, more than any other player since he first played in 2010, according to Pro Football Reference, and 15 more after the season.

Blessed with huge hands – from thumb to pinkie, measuring 10 inc inches, approximately football height – Gronkowski balanced the passers’ footprints, trampled safety, and snatched passes over corner defenders, as an incredible barrier as a receiver . Redefining his position, he was named All-Pro four times and was selected for five Pro Bowls.

He won four Super Bowls. The three came to New England, where his body finally betrayed him and prevented him from much pain. He tore the ligament in one knee, broke his arm, and injured his back.

All of this discomfort caused him to retire, for the first time, after the 2018 season, before reaching the age of 30. He used interregnum – as expected – in wrestling events, promoting cannabidiol products as painkillers and working at its core. charitable. But, inspired by his former friend and former Patriots teammate Tom Brady (and the forgiving Florida climate), Gronkowski joined the Buccaneers in 2020, earning two touchdowns in Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl victory over Kansas City that season.

“While his success on the field will bring him a gold jacket and a place in the Pro Football of Fame Hall,” Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht said in a statement, “it was his humility and first team attitude in the game. in fact. “

Gronkowski will certainly be officially inducted in Canton, Ohio, after five years, when he qualifies for the first time, given that he will retire at this time. It is not hard to imagine how he would wrap his arms around the Hall of Gold in a show of strength. Maybe he’ll wear it over an open chest, a tribute to his shirtless play during all the Super Bowl championship parades. That would be the worst thing that could ever happen.

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