Rogério Ceni says he prepared the right plan

A press conference after São Paulo took over from Palmeiras, in a standstill, featured Rogério Ceni in despair in front of a microphone in Morumbi. Saying outraged by the results, the coach defended the strategy adopted for the 13th round Brasileirão duel.

São Paulo took the lead in the 17th minute of the first half, with Patrick’s goal. In the second half minutes of safe sleep, Gustavo Gómez and Murilo secured victory for Palmeiras in two corners.

“[Foi] A well-planned, well-played game. There are times against Palmeiras when you have to defend yourself. When we decided to have the longest team, it was time to score the second goal. (…) I think we played a game that did well tactically. And then you choose how you want to analyze. If you want to analyze São Paulo that in the first half did not allow Palmeiras to do anything. In the second period, it was common for Palmeiras to come. (…) In the best moment of our football, with three defenders and a full-back who is the top scorer, we allow two goals from the set pieces. The analysis must be done as you see fit, “he said.

Standing time left more than 30,000 Morumbi fans in a mix of disbelief and anger. Part of São Paulo began to scream at the players, who were mourning on the field.

“The screaming is caused by the confusion of how the game ended, ending 1-0, the fan returns home happy, shouting is his little right, do you think I will sleep? some points we wanted to allow two goals per set, considering that we worked so hard at yesterday’s practice? ‘

“Unfortunately, I’m leaving sadly, angry, we set the system to an end, we tried to speed up with Rigoni, another header, which is Miranda, Léo in Reinaldo’s place. Nothing to tell you. I’m not happy with the result, as it were, but tomorrow I have to work and try to do it again “.

São Paulo has little time to recover from the consequences. Next Thursday (23), the team will host Palmeiras, once again, in Morumbi, for the first leg of the 16th round of the Copa do Brasil. For a short time on the calendar, Ceni said the board would decide whether the club would prioritize knockout championships or rest players Juventude on Sunday (26).

“You have to make a choice. What management agrees with [força total], because it’s a normal, big game, then we’ll see what happens. We have five, six players hanging out for the Youth game. (…) It’s not just about me [escolher qual competição priorizar]you can be sure, “he added.

See more Ceni reports in the interview:

“No” sign after the second goal

There were fans starting to shout. ‘No, no, no, your trainer is not stupid. Your trainer is doing the right things. We will not judge because he took aim. Sorry, they were the best heads, prepared for the game in which the goals came from, from the batted balls. I understand that football is emotional, inspiring, but the game plan was carefully planned. Everyone says it’s hard to play against Palmeiras, even if we were winning overtime.

The seventh goal of the second half was scored in seven games

It was in the break, not in the second period. Unfortunately … I think we played a good game against Palmeiras, which is considered by everyone to be the biggest team of the moment. We wasted no time in stopping with two set pieces, which we worked very hard on.

We need to know how he can concede seven goals in seven games of the second half, let’s try to find out.

Did São Paulo miss out on how to suffer?

Patrick was the second piece, he even scored. Eder came in because Caleri was tired, he played all the games, I will not tire the boy.

São Paulo knew how to suffer, they had opportunities to attack. Reinaldo is doing very well. We put Rigoni on one side, Patrick on the other side towards the end of the game. We set the plan, line five, put 9 in the area. Calleri was between the two defenders, ready to face Rigoni, with Calleri dominating and leaving with Igor, with Patrick on the sidelines, with the help on the left. And then we conceded two goals from the pieces set by the weak side of Palmeiras in the corner. Then we have to choose the analysis you want to do.

There are teams winning up to 90 minutes and allowing two goals, losing, being eliminated and they are a great team. And there are teams that fail and then the job is … I assure you the whole game was considered. We have already experienced hearing problems at Paulista, today we have conceded the second goal from the corner and one from the corner.

Did psychologically weigh the weight in today’s game?

Against Palmeiras it is more difficult to kill the game than against Avaí. Palmeiras is a competitive team, with many alternatives. We didn’t even get a clear chance like in Avaí, but I saw my team play a good game, the youngsters competed as best they could. Like every game, what did Palmeiras do? The first period they did nothing, a step that escaped to the right, as Rony made swords in the sky. In addition, they owned, they had a game, much more.

What did you tell the players in the locker rooms?

I did not talk to the players. I stayed in my locker room, the players just prayed, I had no mood to speak, I just set aside time for practice. There are days when it is best not to talk. What shall I say? I have not even told you, there is a day when it is better not to say anything.

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