Rooster just needed to be encouraged to hit the soulless shirt – 06/20/2022

The Atlético Mineiro changes in the season can be criticized, of course, but it is also possible to understand. The title race, especially the Brazilian, who is ending a 50-year fast, is nearing completion. Change in technical command and team created in all fields.

Strange would be to set the rhythm to the same level of strength. However, he won the Supercopa do Brasil, the state championship and is still alive and has high hopes in the knockout competition. But the goal went up and points were lost, especially in a table that seemed to be very accessible in the first round, adding to the pressure on Antonio “Turco” Mohamed in Brazil.

But then came the full opponent, home. Not because Flamengo are the weakest team in the race for points points, although it seems to be less competitive. But because of intense competition between nations that sparked a mobilization that was rarely held in 2022. Even because of two games that were modified, including the 16th stage of the Copa do Brasil.

Atlético entered the most concentrated, attentive and connected with the crowd in Mineirão. Even without the technique and technique, it was enough to build 2 to 0. No goals from the Hulk, in the worst technical phase, but Nacho Fernández and Ademir decided, one goal at a time.

A good victory for a strong team on both sides, with Guilherme Arana and Keno on the left, Vargas and Nacho competing on the right with the help of Mariano. They often did twice against the red-black team Matheuzinho and Ayrton Lucas, who volunteered for the inadequate support of Everton Ribeiro and Vitinho.

Without Bruno Henrique and Gabigol away from attack to bring deep concern, Atletico’s final line-up moved forward with the opponent with the ball always under the pressure of someone from the home team. Unequally from the opponent, who even offered a lot of freedom. Jair’s exchange, which broke his finger, to Otávio caused the midfield area to lose some volume. Ademir and Rubens’ entry into Vargas and Keno’s workplaces added oxygen again.

There is no 2021 standard show, but evolution compared to previous matches. For the first time they also owned the ball, but they finished with only 48 percent, but with 16 shots, nine from inside the area and three to the goal. Two on the net.

It could be the best in fourth place, for the Copa do Brasil. Even because of conflict change and the need to create results at home. Less pressure, more confidence. If the opponent does not regroup after three days, the fight could be identified in Belo Horizonte.

Because Rooster will continue to be motivated to tackle a shirt that carries history, it even has important names, but “recheio” has no soul. And it seems unlikely that the situation will change significantly in the short term.

(Statistics: SofaScore)

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