Sam Bankman Fried’s lawyer renews his request for temporary release ScrgruppEn

The attorney representing Sam Bankman Freed (SBF) in his upcoming case against the U.S. Department of Justice has filed a renewed motion to request To temporarily release him from prison in preparation for trial.

On September 25, Mark Cohen asked Judge Louis A. Kaplan, who is presiding over the case, allowed SBF the temporary release because it was “necessary to prepare [his] defense.”

“We stress that we find it extremely difficult in practice to adequately prepare for trial under the current access restrictions.”

He continued, saying that the government provided the defense with 50 witnesses and thousands of materials and documents. Cohen said they would not be able to “properly represent” SBF without the ability to consult with him and prepare for witnesses and exhibits outside the courtroom.

Cohen filed a motion that the case was “very technical and complex” and that the legal team needed his client to help him understand some of the complexities of the case. “The knowledge and insight of SBF cannot be replicated by outside experts,” he wrote.

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The renewed conditions for temporary release are that when the SBF is not in the courtroom, he must either be in the presence of his attorney at their work location or accompanied by a bodyguard at a temporary residence in New York City.

He also stated that the SBF would approve a gag order. Mr Bankman-Fried will agree to a gag order for the duration of the trial which will prevent him from speaking to anyone except his lawyers, the defense team, his parents and his brother. Among other details of the terms.

On September 21, a three-judge panel rejected the former FTX CEO’s request for early release from prison and called the arguments presented by lawyers in the release request “unconvincing.”

On the same day, Judge Kaplan agreed On the right Proposals from the Crown Prosecution Service which will now prevent some witnesses from giving evidence alongside the SBF in the upcoming criminal trial.

Bankman-Fried’s first criminal trial is scheduled for October 3 where he will face seven felony charges related to misuse of user funds while he worked at FTX and Alameda Research. The second trial will be in March 2024, where he will face five additional criminal charges. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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