Santos’ best goals and times against RB Bragantino for the Brazilian Championship (2-2) | 06/18/2022

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⏱ ‘The next games

Santos is now changing key and will play in the Copa do Brasil. Wednesday (22), against the Corinthians, at Neo Química, at 9:30 p.m. I am Bragantino, playing only Brasileirão, Saturday (25), at 16:30, against Athletico-PR, at the Arena da Baixada.

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⏱ ‘Post a game

22: 5426 minutes ago

⏱ ‘Post a game

22:51 29 minutes ago

49 ‘End of game

Santos 2×2 Bragantino.

22:50 29 minutes ago

48 ‘

Angelo attacks from the right, and gets a corner at the last minute.

22:49 30 minutes ago

47 ‘

Carlos Eduardo hits a cross, Bauermann pulls himself out.

22:48 31 minutes ago

46 ‘

Santos crosses twice into the area, Bragantino’s defensive line pushes both.

22: 4732 minutes ago

45 ‘Extra

With four, let’s go to 49.

22: 4732 minutes ago

45 ‘Modification of Bragantino 🔄

22:45 34 minutes ago

43 ‘

Luan Cândido risks getting out of the area, João Paulo defends.

22: 4336 minutes ago

41 ‘

The ball is left to Artur free of charge in the area, shirt 7 ends up piercing and loses the opportunity to tie.

22:42 37 minutes ago

40 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Goulart receives a card in the bank for a complaint.

22:40 39 minutes ago

38 ‘

Praxedes receives a free ball in the area, trying to finish, but Camacho arrives, blocking it and sending it into the corner.

22:39 40 minutes ago

37 ‘

Aderlan crosses medium and dangerous heights. Kaiky moves to a corner.

22:39 41 minutes ago

37 ‘

With Lucas Pires crossing, Bragantino’s defensive line leaves.

22:38 42 minutes ago

36 ‘

Santos is working on the ball on the attacking field, but he cannot penetrate the opposing defense.

22:36 43 minutes ago

34 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Card Praxedes, for lack of Rodrigo Fernandes.

22:33 an hour ago

31 ‘Red card 🥥

Peixe’s training coach was also fired.

22:33 an hour ago

30 ‘Conversion of Bragantino 🔄

22:31 an hour ago

28 ‘Red card 🥥

Coach Fabian Bustos is fired for complaining.

22:29 an hour ago


Santos comes back, Bragantino takes that opportunity, and with Luan Cândido, he risks getting out of the area and scoring a good goal, in the corner of João Paulo. Parallel Mass Total: 2 to 2.

22:27 an hour ago

24 ‘

Camacho good pass to Ângelo, who starts crying and finishes. The ball passes dangerously, over Cleiton’s gate.

22:25 an hour ago

23 ‘Transformation of Santos 🔄

22:24 an hour ago

22 ‘

Aderlan hits a very hard cross, the ball crosses the area and goes out.

22:24 an hour ago

21 ‘Conversion in Bragantino 🔄

22:21 an hour ago

18 ‘

After another corner, Rwan clears again, the ball taking a risk at Cleiton’s gate, but it leaves.

22:20 an hour ago

17 ‘

Lucas Pires kicks a corner to Rwan’s head. It’s a solid forehead, but he sees the ball leave Hurtado and go out, touching the net from the outside.

22:19 an hour ago

17 ‘

Ângelo makes a good move from the right, plays for Marcos Leonardo, 9 jerseys he finishes, but was blocked during the kiki. Fish Corner.

22:18 an hour ago

16 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Card to Helinho, for missing Ângelo.

22:17 an hour ago

14 ‘

Sandry receives on the right wing, trying to find Marcos Leonardo, but Nathan pushes Bragantino.

22:16 an hour ago

14 ‘

Artur crosses over, Lucas Braga leaves.

22:14 an hour ago

12 ‘Transformation of Santos 🔄

22:13 an hour ago

10 ‘Yellow card 🟨

João Paulo gets a “wax” repair card, according to the referee.

22:13 an hour ago

10 ‘

WOW! Rual dangers from afar, but the ball passes to the left of the João Paulo gate.

22:12 an hour ago

09 ‘

‘ The ball is still left for Jhojan, who hits the chewed penalty ball into the ball and sends it weak into Cleiton’s defensive line.

22:11 an hour ago

08 ‘

Lucas Pires crosses the area, Kevin cuts.

22:10 an hour ago

08 ‘

Zanocelo is dangerous from a distance, but the ball explodes in defense.

22:09 an hour ago

06 ‘

Aderlan tries to score with Hyoran, but fights Rodrigo Fernanfez. The match was medically interrupted for both players.

22:08 an hour ago

06 ‘

Artur kicks a penalty kick in the area, and Baptistão pushes it away. The rest ends with Aderlan, who hits the first shot with the ball going wide.

22:05 an hour ago

03 ‘

Hyoran takes a corner, Baptistão tries to leave but plays against his own goal. Good luck to the striker that the ball comes from the side of the goal. New Massa Bruta corner.

22:04 an hour ago

02 ‘

Defender do Santos provides the connection, allowing Bragantino to get into danger. Bauermann takes it to the corner.

22:03 an hour ago

01 ‘

Artur threatens to kick kiki, the ball threatens Santos defense and goes to the corner.

22:01 an hour ago

00 ‘the second half begins

The ball continues to the final stage.

21: 472 hours ago

46 ‘End of Half 1

Santos 2×1 Bragantino.

21: 472 hours ago


In the final stage, Bragantino made a good move to the right, after a deflection within the area, leaving Hyoran, who pushed the keepers, Massa Bruta down: 2 to 1.

21: 452 hours ago

45 ‘Extra

One more, let’s go to 46.

21: 442 hours ago

44 ‘

Zanocelo launches Marcos Leonardo, Natan pulls out a Santos forward shirt and commits a foul.

21: 432 hours ago

42 ‘

Marcos Leonardo misses a pass, but ends up being Jhojan left. Shirt 8, when presented, ends with a fold and lacks a good chance.

21: 422 hours ago

41 ‘

Raul kicks from a distance, João Paulo defends himself.

21: 412 hours ago

40 ‘

Jhojan launches Marcos Leonardo, but shirt 9 was alone in the attacking ranks, losing the ball to the defensive line.

21: 392 hours ago

38 ‘

Raul throws Artur into the area, but shirt 7 does not get the domain and the ball goes out through the back line.

21: 372 hours ago


Bruno Oliveira of Marcos Leonardo’s fine launch, shirt 9 picks up goalkeeper Cleiton, and he plays for Baptistão, who without a goalkeeper, just pushed down the net: 2 to 0 Peixe.

21: 332 hours ago

33 ‘

Aderlan hits a cross, Rodrigo Fernandez pulls to the end.

21:29 2 hours ago

29 ‘

Helinho crosses half the height. Zanocele left.

21: 282 hours ago

27 ‘

WHAT PROTECTION! Jan Hurtado receives a cross in the area, the striker hits his head, but João Paulo saves. Bragantino Corner.

21: 262 hours ago

25 ‘

Lucas Evangelista risks from outside the area, the ball goes to the side of the goal and goes out.

21:25 2 hours ago

24 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Bruno Oliveira offends Raul, and receives a card.

21: 242 hours ago

23 ‘

Hyoran kicks a direct penalty kick to the goal, but stands in the defensive line of João Paulo.

21: 232 hours ago

23 ‘

Bragantino misses the risk of charging.

21: 232 hours ago

22 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Zanocelo sins Lucas Evangelista at the entrance to the area and receives a card.

21: 222 hours ago

21 ‘

Raul risks a long shot and misses the ball.

21: 212 hours ago

21 ‘

Helinho tries to cross, Kaiky pushes away, the ball bounces back to 11 jerseys, who tries again, but this time Rodrigo Fernandez cuts a corner.

21:20 2 hours ago

19 ‘Yellow card 🟨

After Marcos Leonardo took turns, it was now Raul’s turn to sin against the young man. Shirt 23 receives a card.

21: 172 hours ago


After a low cross by Lucas Pires, Bragantino’s defensive line manages to leave, but the ball lands under Léo Baptistão, who dominates and fills his foot, towards the back of the net: 1 to 0 Peixe.

21:15 2 hours ago

15 ‘

Bruno Oliveira leaving Lucas Pires in the area, but 44 jerseys could not reach the ball with his head. Goal for Bragantino.

21: 142 hours ago

12 ‘

TETEA CLETON! Léo Baptistão can’t control the area and the ball is left to Marcos Leonardo. However, before the striker, Bruno Oliveira did not come kicking, but stood on Cleiton’s defensive line.

21: 132 hours ago

11 ‘

Kaiky gives a nice hat to Hurtado, who badly played the defender.

21:12 2 hours ago

09 ‘

THAT WAS NEAR! In the lower corner, Artur kicks and Jan Hurtado kicks off, the ball hits the João Paulo goal post. Good luck to the Santos goalkeeper, it comes back to him and the archer saves.

21:09 2 hours ago

09 ‘

WOW! Hyoran intervened and fired from a distance, the ball had an address, but João Paulo jumped over the ball and saved. Bragantino Corner.

21:06 2 hours ago

06 ‘

Lucas Pires receives from Bruno Oliveira on the left wing and hits a cross, the ball goes to the head of Marcos Leonardo, who ends up finishing weak and the ball remains in Cleiton’s hands.

21:05 2 hours ago

05 ‘

It starts raining in Vila Belmiro.

21:05 2 hours ago

04 ‘

Aderlan crosses for Hurtado, who ends with a wide header.

21:04 2 hours ago

03 ‘

Artur hits a penalty kick, Bauermann scores with a header.

21:03 2 hours ago

02 ‘

If Baptistão plays badly for Helinho, Bragantino will get a chance to play football in the area.

21:00 2 hours ago

00 ‘The game begins

Ball placed inside Vila Belmiro, Santos pulled out.

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⏱ ‘Taboo is in danger!

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⏱ ‘Before the game

Performance of the Brazilian national anthem.

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⏱ ‘Before the game

Teams are coming on the field.

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⏱ ‘Before the game

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⏱ ‘Holy Mass increased!

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⏱ ‘Fish scales!

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⏱ ‘Before the game

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⏱ ‘Before the game

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⏱ ‘Arbitration

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