Santos has fired an employee who tried to bribe RB Bragantino athlete

Santos President Andres Rueda today condemned a (20) attempt to bribe a Peixe employee for a Red Bull Bragantino player. The idea was to plan the outcome of the first half of the Brazilian Women’s Championship match. The match ended in a 1-1 draw yesterday (19), Vila Belmiro.

The Peixe specialist sought out Bragantino’s co-founder and one of the rival athletes. The player immediately denied the possibility and informed his superiors. Santos and Red Bull employees Bragantino were fired.

Santos does not officially confirm, however UOL Esporte found out that the dismissed employee is goalkeeper Fabrício de Paula.

“Maybe it’s the headline of what’s happening in our football. Maybe that’s the reason for the many complaints. A Santos employee, from women’s football, used a Bragantino mediator to bribe a player with normal results in the first half. Purpose. Bragantino was ready The player immediately rejected the request, contacted his superiors and contacted me, even submitting material proposals, and discussion magazines. , we fired one of those responsible for the cause.

“We will know where all this is coming from and where this rot is coming from. All this makes us think: where is our football going? They want to change the outcome of the match everyone is complaining to the referee and no one understands maybe now things will start to clear up, ask the whole community who wants the best football media, clubs, CBF, FPF … all of Brazilian football to see if any mistakes are really wrong “, he added.

Rueda also reported that the sacked officer Santos presented the envelope to fourth judge Adeli Mara Monteiro before Judge Marianna Nanni Batalha. The deed was placed in Adeli’s purse. President Peixe does not know if the facts are relevant and is awaiting investigation.

“The officer handed over the envelope to the fourth arbitrator before the judge. We also opened a police report for a criminal investigation into the facts. NA We are preparing materials to send to the Ministry of Public “.

President Andres Rueda did not name the fired employee and asked for help from investors. Peixe himself owns Pixbet as a sponsor.

“It’s being investigated. I’d better not make it public now so it doesn’t get in the way. We have to think a little bit. More than a gambler, I’m afraid a gambler. There’s a saying: there was nothing more serious than an animal game.. “Gambling. It changes so much money that it does not make sense who is planning to participate. I am more concerned about gamblers”, he commented. Rueda.

“I will not judge, it is the law that judges so I will not give further information, this employee was fired from Santos. [do departamento de futebol feminino] contacted a Bragantino employee to reach out to the player. this employee [do Bragantino] he was also fired, “he concluded.

O UOL Esporte seeks contact with Red Bull Bragantino, CBF and referees Adeli Mara Monteiro and Marianna Nanni Batalha. Once there is an answer, the text will be updated.

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