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Santos president Andrés Rueda convened a press conference on Monday and accused a club official of trying to bribe a Bragantino player in a match between the two clubs for the Brazilian Women’s Championship. The officer did not name the dismissed defendant. The Bragança Paulista club, in a letter (read at the end of this report), confirmed the athlete’s abuse.

– We had a sad fact this weekend that could be the headline of what is happening in our football. An employee of our club, women’s football, using a Bragantino mediator, tried to bribe a Bragantino player to set a smooth result in the first half of the game for gambling purposes – said Rueda.

The match was this Sunday and ended in a 1-1 draw. Santos is sixth in the tournament, with Bragantino at the tail end, already relegated. According to Rueda, the player allegedly wanted to accept the bribe being called Bragantino CEO Thiago Scuro, and reported the case.

– The allegation is that Bragantino had already been removed. The player immediately rejected the proposal and informed his superiors, who have a very close relationship with Thiago, even presenting material evidence, chat magazines. As soon as it came to us, along with Thiago, we took several steps. The steps we take immediately: dismissal for the sake of the rights of all those involved. Once we manage the CBF, we put the evidence, the label.

– The result was not the result of the match, it was with some conditions occurring in the first half.

Andrés Rueda, president of Santos – Photo: Bruno Giufrida

Rueda also raised doubts about the possibility of arbitrary participation in the deal. The Santos president reported an incident that, according to him, needed to be investigated: a club employee (Rueda did not name if he was the same accused) would send an envelope to the fourth referee of the match before the ball. rolled. The manager did not say what was in the envelope.

– There is even a passage from the beginning of the game, surprisingly, an employee is alleged to have handed an envelope to a fourth referee (Adeli Mara Monteiro) before a judge (Marianna Nanni Batalha), who must be investigated. . We inform CBF. We have opened the BO for a true crime investigation and are preparing all the material to send to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. We will not be happy until we find all the decay – he said.

– I can not evaluate (if there was a mediation involved). Photo is public (envelope provided). And we passed this picture, all this, to the CBF, to the police, to investigate.

– It’s a fact that happened in the game. I don’t want to be a parody. The envelope appears. It should be checked, because it is a completely strange view: before the game starts, go there and give the envelope.

Photo courtesy of Santos regarding alleged existence of an envelope by the fourth referee in the game against Bragantino – Photo: Reproduction

Rueda asked if the period would lead to a change in Brazil’s recession and questioned whether some of the mistakes were wrong.

– At this point when we place some suspicions on the judges, no one understands, maybe things are starting to become clearer. Something strange is going on. What are we praying for? We call on the entire community that wants the best for our football, journalists, clubs, the CBF itself, the federations, to unite and demand professional mediation, as well as a series of Brazilian football investigations, to determine if there are any mistakes – he said.

In an official letter, Bragantino confirmed the charges against the Santos president. Scripture says:

“Red Bull Bragantino makes public, unfortunately, to confirm allegations of abuse by one of our players before the match against. saintsfor the Brazilian Women’s Championships.

The athlete on our team contacted him, via message, and a bribe proposal to combine certain results.

The player immediately refused and informed his supervisors, who made sure to keep the game straight and send complaints to our board.

Once we understand, we take all the internal measures, contact saints submit evidence of what happened, and the two clubs handed over the material to the relevant authorities.

We are sorry that this type of abuse occurs in our football and we will work to prevent any behavior that undermines the integrity of the game. “

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O ge is seeking contact with the CBF and judges Adeli Mara Monteiro and Marianna Nanni Batalha to present their version of the accusations leveled by the Santos president. As soon as the answers appear, this text will be updated.

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