São Paulo approves Arsenal offer for Marquinhos | Sao Paulo

The English club will pay 3.5 million euros (R $ 18.4 million) for the 19-year-old. The coaches received a proposal not to list Marquinhos for Sunday’s game against Cuiabá, in Brasileirão.

Marquinhos has a contract with São Paulo until 2024. But this agreement violates FIFA rules, despite being within the scope of Brazilian law. This is something that speeds up the sale and persuades a three-color board to do business.

The player signed in 2019, at the age of 16, his first professional contract. A five-year contract is allowed under the Pele Act, but FIFA restricts this first agreement to only three years.

Marquinhos in training at CT do São Paulo – Photo: Erico Leonan / saopaulofc

Because of a situation like this, São Paulo has been embroiled in controversy with other players, such as defender Lucas Frasson – FIFA has put itself in a good position regarding athletes in these cases. Frasson left the club with special permission from the club.

Should he decide to sue FIFA, Marquinhos could have his contract terminated by São Paulo in July – which will be three years since his first signing.

Remember how Marquinhos started out as a professional in São Paulo

Remember how Marquinhos started out as a professional in São Paulo

São Paulo, inside, claims that it tried, about eight months ago, to make a new agreement with Marquinhos, but that there was no response. Later, I learned that the player was in talks to sign a previous contract with another club.

The European club, six months ago, expressed interest and harassed the athlete, without consulting São Paulo. Changes in Marquinhos’ representation, however, harmonized further speeches with Tricolor and resulted in financial compensation for a close departure.

So, Arsenal’s proposal was appealing. The English club wants to build a relationship with São Paulo similar to that between Ajax and the Brazilian club – which led to Dutch strikers David Neres and Antony.

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Coach Rogério Ceni commented on the possible loss of Marquinhos in the 2-0 win over Juventude on Thursday.

– Marquinhos heard inside the CT something that would have a contractual error, which would have had a chance to make money at the moment, but I also don’t know the history – said Ceni.

The player earned his first place in the professional team in 2021. Since then, he has played 41 games and scored four goals.

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