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With former Defender y Justicia player, Abel Ferreira, from the opening of the transfer window, in July, Merentiel and Rafael Navarro become a substitute for the central striker.

Rony, who even improved, became the second best scorer in Verdão history in Libertadores, could once again be an option on the left side of the attacking ranks, which also fills a gap identified by coaching staff since last season.

Miguel Merentiel is the new founder of Palmeiras – Photo: Palmeiras

Last Saturday, Abel Ferreira made an analysis of the Palmeiras squad, focusing on the under-20 youth team players, and acknowledged the need to be more alternative to the central striker position. So much so that he used the word “switched off” to refer to Ron as an option in the industry, improved.

In Verdão, the arrival of Merentiel is considered a low-risk stake, also for the amount involved in the negotiations – around R $ 7.4 million for 80% of economic rights. The Uruguayan citizen meets the required qualifications for a large group ratio.

Among Palmeira’s sons, Murugwai was identified as the fastest and most likely striker, who maintains the aggressive style recommended by Abel Ferreira. For the former club, he stood out for his tactics and ease of participation in the attack, with a tendency for movement and a good finish.

Merentiel sends a message to Palmeiras fans

In Argentina, Merentiel took a long time to wear a Defender y Justicia shirt. First, he gained little popularity and was considered a quick replacement for Braian Romero, who now plays for River Plate. After securing a place off the bench, he scored a crucial series as a founder last season.

His fine play put him among Argentina’s top strikers and put him in the arms of River Plate’s Marcelo Gallardo. After 16 goals in 57 games in 2021, he opened 2022 with nine goals in 19 games.

The 2021 performance, repeated in Verdão, would put him in charge of the technical vice – Raphael Veiga was the club’s top scorer, with 18 goals. This year, he would be tied with Dudu (six goals) in fourth place, behind Raphael Veiga (18 goals). , Rony (eight goals) and Rafael Navarro (seven goals).

Even at the Football College, Merentiel still has no playing date. It is certain, however, that it will be only after July 18, when the transfer window opens from outside Brazil.

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