SocialFi Stars Arena dispels “Coordinated FUD” after “no” correction. Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

The team behind the new Stars Arena protocol has dismissed what it called a “coordinated FUD” after patching a vulnerability that saw attackers flee $2,000 from the Avalanche-based decentralized social media platform.

On October 5th mail On X (Twitter), the Stars Arena account said the vulnerability had been fixed, adding: “Don’t get this wrong, we’re at war.”


However, the attack vector turns out to be economically infeasible for attackers. This vulnerability itself caused a significant increase in gas fees on Avalanche, making extracting profits from the hack much more expensive than expected.

As a result, attackers would presumably end up spending more on gas fees than they earned from the exploit.

Ava Labs CEO Emin Gün Sirer highlighted in the X post that for every $0.04 earned from the exploit, the hackers spent an average of $0.25.

Despite the relatively unsuccessful exploit, members of the cryptocurrency community were quick to attack the Stars Arena team.

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The founder and developer of Delegate, known as “Foobar”, slammed the platform, claiming it screwed up its fork, and asked Stars Arena to “delete your account and product, you clown”.

Stars Arena is the latest app to join a growing list of social finance platforms, such as Alpha on the Bitcoin network, Friendzy on Solana, and PostTech on Arbitrum.

Despite the surge in similar DeSo apps, remains the market leader with over $293 million in monthly trading volume and outperforms the closest app, PostTech, with over $283 million.

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Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

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