Striker Paulo Rangel’s days are numbered in Tuna Luso

We have Luso Brasileira ready for its next challenge in the Brazilian Championship Serie D, which will be against Castanhal. However, with this regional bout, which will be played at Diogão Stadium, in Bragança, coach Josué Teixeira will not be able to count one of the greatest actors’ athletes, which, apparently, his days are numbered in the arena. Souza Stadium.

As the contract went on until May 20, striker Paulo Rangel was left out of the list of runners-up on Saturday (14), at 15:30, in the state. , for the fifth round of the competition. nationally. In an interview with DOL, the athlete reported that although he had an oral agreement to stay at the club until the end of the year, Tuna directors said they could no longer pay the salaries they had agreed with the team’s top scorer.

We have Luso ready to face Castanhal in Serie D

“The point is that I extended the contract a month ago, but verbally. I had already agreed on the terms and they said wait for my contract to expire to sign a new contract. My contract expires right now. On the 20th and yesterday before the trip I asked them to resolve my situation. “I met and was informed that the club could not pay what it promised and if I wanted to renew it with Tuna I would do it.

Tuna Luso’s top scorer for the 2022 season, scoring 9 goals, where he was also the top scorer in the last two versions of Campeonato Paraense, Paulo Rangel contributed significantly to taking the team to the 2021 championship, third place in the current season, and also to replace the team in various government competitions. According to the striker, coach Josué Teixeira is aware of this imbroglio.

After the government, the top scorer makes the tuna access to Series C

“Yes, I was aware of the whole case. He told us during practice that he would go to my fourth game, Alysson – who was in a similar situation – also that he talked to the board, and he would remain at the club. Before and after the meeting, I spoke to Josué Teixeira who knows everything, but could not be involved in the situation “, he reported.

With three matches to be played in Serie D, Paulo Rangel is likely to agree with another team to develop his football throughout the season. However, after being taken by surprise, Águia’s number 9 jersey at the time stated that he has so far not agreed with any Brazilian / regional football team, and that he is awaiting new proposals.

“This shocked me and made me despair. Because I believed that everything was fine, I rejected several proposals after Paraense, and now this is happening. Let’s see what God has for us in the remaining year, but so far nothing has been clarified”, he concluded. .


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