The Ministry is offering the flu vaccine in SUS to the general population starting today

As of this Saturday (25), states and municipalities have been authorized to present the flu vaccine in SUS for everybody over six months of age, as decided by the Ministry of Health. The new calendar, nevertheless, is at the discretion of every location. The enlargement takes place 80 days after the begin of a flu … Read more

The campaign does not meet the target and the flu vaccine will be expanded

Ampoule vaccine in opposition to influenza virus, which causes the flu. (Photo: Marcos Maluf) A nationwide flu and measles vaccination campaign concludes this Friday (24), in Mato Grosso do Sul, concentrating on precedence teams recognized by the PNI (National Immunization Program). The expectation is that, from this level on, the use of the vaccine will … Read more

New vaccine against measles arrows in Brazil – 06/23/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

A brand new vaccine against herpes zoster, also referred to as shingles, is obtainable in Brazil beginning this June in personal clinics. The product, known as Shingrix and manufactured by the pharmaceutical firm GSK, has a beneficial value of R $ 843 per dose – this program is finished for 2 applications-, however the worth … Read more

São José provides a flu vaccine for everyone for over 6 months

Rodrigo Luiz Ribeiro Secretary of Health The City Hall of São José dos Campos will provide from this Wednesday (22) the flu vaccine to all individuals over the age of six months. Currently, the flu vaccine is completed by some precedence teams (see beneath), however the marketing campaign has had little assist. In São José … Read more

Covid: The government offers to buy vaccines from companies without contributing to SUS | Health

Ed Us / Unsplash An injectable health professional removes the dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 The federal government edited a Temporary Action Plan (MP) that allows private companies to purchase the Covid-19 vaccine from manufacturers. The text concludes their obligation to contribute 50% of the vaccines available to the United Nations Health System (SUS). … Read more

Doses 3 and 4: see who can get covid vaccine in Salvador this Monday

The Municipal Health Department (SMS) is holding this Monday (13), from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., a vaccination campaign against Covid-19 for exclusive use of 3 and 4 doses. The strategy will also have three points for adult immunization: 5 Health Center (Barris), Shopping Bela Vista and Atakadão Atakarejo (Fazenda Coutos). Dosage 3 for teens … Read more

A woman gets hives and burns after taking the Covid vaccine

A rare case of a 35-year-old woman who developed hives (skin irritation) and itching (itching) after receiving two doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine was reported this week in an academic journal. Annals of Internal MedicineAmerican Medical Association and American Heart Association. In the article, doctors state that the patient had a history … Read more

Why is the fourth dose of Covid vaccine important? Answer these and other questions – Information

A new vaccine supplement against Covid-19 is now being proposed more than 50 people and staff working in the forefront of health care. But why a fourth dose is needed, when the first supplement was introduced in late 2021? For R7Juarez Cunha, president of SBIm (Brazilian Vaccine Community), explains this and other doubts. Why was … Read more

Meet the five most vulnerable people in Covid-19 | Health

Re-delivery: commons – 06/06/2022 Tested for Covid-19 In the first two years of this epidemic, cases of re-infection with the new coronavirus were rare. Experts believed that Covid-19 would be similar to the flu, and thus immunity from previous vaccines or infections would prevent recurrence for at least one year. The arrival of ronmicron changed … Read more

How long should people wear toys?

Posted on 06/06/2022 15:45 The arrival of severe winter has affected the increase in COVID-19 visas in Minas Gerais and, as a result, PBH recommended the reinstatement of barracks in closed areas – (loan: Leandro Couri / EM / DA Press) The arrival of winter has affected the increase in COVID-19 visas in Minas Gerais. … Read more