Researchers are discovering the benefits of plant intake

Posted on 06/26/2022 07:00 The compounds in greens assist the human physique to supply antibodies – (Credit: Shutterstock / University of Barcelona / Exposure) Intrigued by faith and philosophy advocating animal liberation, vegetarianism has come to the fore in recent times. Whether as a consequence of the contribution of livestock to greenhouse fuel emissions or … Read more

The band announcer mocks Richarlyson’s bisexuality: “At least he’s a fag”

Posted on 06/24/2022 20:48 (Credit: Parenting / Instagram @richarlyson – Parenting / Instagram @ Less than 24 hours after the emergence of bisexuality, former soccer participant and sports activities analyst Richarlyson has already been the goal of a hate speech. Presenter Ender Love, from TV Bandeirantes, commented on Richarlyson’s interview and podcast. In locker … Read more

Doctors discover the link between balance and longevity

Posted on 06/22/2022 06:00 (mortgage: Clinimex / Disclosure) The foundation of analysis performed in Brazil and with worldwide influence is that fairness cuts are related to worse well being prognosis. In evaluating this idea, Carioca Claudio Gil Araújo – a gymnast and sports activities physician and director of Research and Education at Clinical Exercise Clinic … Read more

A smart bracelet can detect Covid-19 before symptoms appear

Posted on 06/22/2022 18:11 (Credit: Production / Social Networking) The sensible bracelet, which was supposed to sign a fertile interval for ladies, was in a position to detect Covid-19 even before the person confirmed symptoms. A examine revealed by a scientific journal BMJ Open confirmed that the AVA bracelet was in a position to detect … Read more

Changing the heel test in SUS must be accompanied by another step

Posted on 06/21/2022 18:09 / Updated 06/21/2022 18:10 (loan: Playback / Youtube) The president of the Brazilian Association for the Investigation of Infants with Congenital Metabolism (SBTEIM), Tânia Bachega, defended this Tuesday (21/6) that the implementation of an expanded foot test across Brazil needs to take into account specific health conditions in the country. each … Read more

in the protection of SUS, Anvisa and public health

Posted on 06/20/2022 07:01 (loan: Carlos Vieira / CB / DAPress) By Nelson Mussolini – executive president of the Pharmaceutical Industry Union (Sindusfarma) and a member of the National Health Council (CNS) Difficult situations do not have a simple solution. Behind common sense and apparent pragmatism, the proposal to use medication for medical symptoms that … Read more

Scientists are developing a ‘exercise pill’ to fight fat

Posted on 06/16/2022 06:00 (loan: Pxhere / Disclosure) Anyone, when eating to lose weight, gets a “sabotage” of the body: he begins to use less energy and, when exercising, has less movement. This is a defense strategy: with less calorie intake and more mobility, the body thinks it is hungry and tries to store fat. … Read more

Learn how STJ’s decision regarding tax liability affects health plans

Posted on 6/13/2022 5:54 AM / Updated 6/13/2022 5:55 AM (Loan: Olga Kononenko / Unsplash) The Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) ruled that health programs must provide users with procedures listed by the National Agency for Extraordinary Health (ANS), known as a complete list. In practice, many services will continue to be covered by contracts. … Read more

International conference is making progress in the fight against cancer

Posted on 06/12/2022 06:00 (loan: ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT) After two years in the traditional format, the North American Community Oncology Clinic conference, Asco, brought together more than 40,000 people in Chicago, bringing important information on cancer treatment. According to experts, the event, which ended on the 7th, met expectations and showed that, despite the covid-19 epidemic, … Read more

The Department of Health recommends the use of a blanket in DF schools

Posted on 06/11/2022 21:25 (loan: Minervino Júnior / CB / DAPress) The Center for Public Health Emergency Operations (COE) issued a letter recommending the use of posters within public and private schools in the Federal District. The DF Department of Health (SES-DF) confirmed the information to Lettersthis Saturday night (11/6). “The tragedy is over, but … Read more