Jupiter will be at its closest distance from Earth in 59 years; understand

Posted on 09/22/2022 15:21 An opposition happens when an astronomical object rises in the east – and the solar units in the west – putting them on reverse sides of the Earth – (credit score: NASA, ESA, A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center) and MH Wong (University of California, Berkeley)) On Monday (9/26), sky fans … Read more

Saturn’s moon has a favorable environment for finding life

revealed 09/21/2022 16:59 / up to date 09/21/2022 17:02 Oceans cowl the complete size of Enceladus, the place giant areas of Enceladus’ floor are characterised by younger (on a geological time scale), wrinkled land – (Credit: Nasa Cassini/Reproduction) Saturn, the sixth planet within the photo voltaic system, might now not be identified for its dense … Read more

A new species of dwarf dinosaur has been discovered in the interior of Sao Paulo

Posted on 09/18/2022 at 10:35 am (Credit: Matheus Gadelha / Blog Collectors of Bones / Unicamp) Sauropod dinosaurs, the so-called “necked” herbivores, are amongst the largest animals that ever lived on Earth. Some species are over 30 meters lengthy, whereas others have been recognized by scientists as dwarf dinosaurs. This is the case of Ibirania … Read more

NASA has found rocks rich in life molecules on Mars

Posted on 16.09.2022 18:11 (credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS) NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance mission was launched this Friday (9/16), information that provides extra confidence that the pink planet as soon as harbored some type of life, albeit microbial. In August, the Perseverance rover collected rocks exhibiting accumulations of natural molecules with compounds which have the chemical make-up … Read more

An award-winning photo of a comet that will never be seen again on Earth

Georgina Rennard – BBC News printed on 16.09.2022 10:38 Comet Disconnect Event Wins Astronomy Photo of the Year Award – (Credit: Gerald Rehmann) A uncommon {photograph} of a comet that will never be seen again from Earth has received a prestigious images award. The picture reveals Comet Leonard’s tail breaking off and being blown away … Read more

Volcanic eruptions are associated with the extinction of the dinosaurs

Published 09/13/2022 06:00 (Credit: Brenhin Keller / Anger) What killed the dinosaurs 66 million years in the past, at the finish of the Cretaceous interval, has develop into a subject of debate amongst scientists. Some say that comets or asteroids that collided with Earth had been the probably brokers of mass destruction, whereas others consider … Read more

High-energy particles pose a threat to satellites and aircraft

printed on 13.09.2022 15:39 Magnetic fields within the Sun’s outer environment can speed up ions and electrons to speeds shut to the velocity of sunshine – (Credit: ESA-D. Ducros) A brand new examine by researchers at Columbia University within the United States could have discovered the reply to a query that has been studied for … Read more

Diamonds found on Earth are from space and can be duplicated

printed on 09/13/2022 21:58 Professor Andy Tomkins of Monash University (left) with RMIT PhD scholar Alan Salek and an analyzed meteorite pattern – (Credit: RMIT University/Disclosure) The hardest diamond ever found on Earth got here from extraterrestrials. The extraterrestrial rock referred to as Lonsdaleite arrived on Earth about 4.5 billion years in the past in … Read more

See pictures of the Tarantula Nebula star nursery

printed 06/09/2022 17:08 / up to date 09/06/2022 17:10 (Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO Production Team) The James Webb Telescope of the US house company (NASA) was capable of observe 1000’s of younger stars which have by no means been seen earlier than in its nursery of 30 stars. Doradus. Nicknamed the Tarantula … Read more

According to the results of the examine, diamond showers are more common on icy planets

Posted on 09.02.2022 21:58 By finding out materials that more carefully resembles the composition of ice giants, researchers have discovered that oxygen enhances the formation of diamond showers – (credit score: Greg Stewart/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) Diamond showers are an unique kind of precipitation on low-temperature planets. While it could appear unattainable, researchers have discovered … Read more