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Telegram won the first edition last Sunday (19). With this new option, paid users will be able to access additional features such as uploading files larger than 4GB, use without ads and faster download speeds. The paid version of the messenger had already been announced in early June by the application developer, Pavel Durov, but, until then, there was no release date. It is worth remembering that the app will continue to be available for free use. In the following lines, find out how much it costs and how the paid version of Telegram, Android and iPhone (iOS) messenger will work.

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Telegraph Premium subscription will provide unique services to users; see – Photos: Discover / Getty Photos

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Why did the Telegraph get a paid version?

As announced by Telegraph creator Pavel Durov, many users have asked for an extension to upload files, media and chats. However, this type of extension for all users, according to an announcement issued in early June, could load traffic and server costs – which could affect software for users and developers. Therefore, the company chose to offer these services in a paid way, as a way to meet demand without affecting application usage.

In addition to user requests, another reason why Telegram won the paid version is software funding. According to the official announcement of the platform, this paid model will be used to maintain the “continuous development” of the delegate.

How will Telegram Premium work? What are the benefits?

Telegram Premium is a paid version of the Russian messenger. Therefore, it will work normally in the official program, but its functions will only be given to those who are the registrar. The new format will have several long-awaited features for users, such as file transfers up to 4 GB, fast downloads and even ad-free use. The payment version will also have a new emoji on the responses tab.

Also, Telegram Premium customers will be able to use animated avatars in the app, as well as convert voice messages to text and send unique tags to their contacts. It is worth noting that, in the case of sending large files and / or stickers that are in the pay-only format, non-payment users will be able to view these media even if they are not registered. Therefore, the status of chatter between subscribers and non-subscribers will remain normal.

How much will Telegram Premium cost? Will the free version end?

Telegram Premium subscription costs BRL 24.90 per month in Brazil, and, to date, there is only one type of program available. It is important to note that the free version of the app will not expire – that is, users who do not want to pay the amount will be able to continue using the same software and features available until then.

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