Textor cites Botafogo and rival pins at first press conference in Lyon: “I don’t like projects like PSG” | international football

After Lyon, from France, announced the agreement of American businessman John Textor as the club’s main shareholder, Sociedade owner Anônima do Futebol do Botafogo spoke to French journalists for the first time. He gave his opinion on the relationship he hopes to have between his clubs.

– We are trying to create a family among our clubs. That works together. Naturally, our fans understand this. That was a good thing when we bought Botafogo. It is quite different from my investment in Crystal Palace, but Rio de Janeiro fans began to connect with London fans, they began to exchange cultures, shirts, not compete with others.. Social networks are very good for this. Now I see people wearing Crystal Palace shirts at Nilton Santos Stadium and I see Botafogo shirts at bars in London. And they call the brethren. And they have been doing this with Lyon for less than 24 hours, ”Textor said.

  • Lyon announces John Textor’s agreement to become the club’s majority shareholder

John Textor will own 66.5% of the total shares and, in the future, may own up to 88.55%. The investment in the business has not been made public, but a statement released by Lyon last Monday states that the club’s current value is 798 million euros (R $ 4.3 billion). Textor criticized his rival Paris Saint-Germain and criticized the club’s investment type.

– I don’t like projects like PSG. If we continue to do what Jean-Michel Aulas (Lyon director) has been doing for a few years and bring entertainment and technology to him, we can earn more money than an investor from Qatar – nudged Textor, who added that he. he sees that money “breaks” football.

– I think football was broken by money. It is a fact. In every part of the world we have at least two or three strong teams. And others? What happiness is there in that? I think money is important. We will have to use it. But what I love about football is the living community – he revealed the American businessman.

  • Thiago Mendes will perform with Lyon until 2025

John Textor was asked what a Lyon fan can expect after taking over the club. The businessman remembered the “stupid” statement he was about to make when he arrived in Botafogo.

– I think my first suggestion to the men’s team in Lyon is to start watching the women’s team immediately. Just joking (laughs). I was talking nonsense when we bought Botafogo, in Brazil. The team was in the second tier. Great difficulties in recent years. The team had not won anything for decades. I said I wanted to run Flamengo later. Which was a stupid thing to say. For everyone was very happy to defeat them in the next battle. I believe in dreaming with my eyes open.

  • The landing party marks the return of the fan fungate with Botafogo

John Textor presenting to Lyon – Photo: AFP

More from the John Textor press conference

– I have no strategy at all. To have more players, train them. The interesting thing in the Premier League with Crystal Palace is to see them beat Manchester City. In one game whatever happens, Lyon is not far from the top. We have to start creating a special moment where we defeat opponents more often. It is a combination of financial resources and talents.

Introducing fans Lyon

– I have a sincere love for football. I have never called myself an investor. I am lucky to build small companies and in a short time they become big. Unfortunately football is just money. We will bring capital to Lyon and invest directly. Lyon represents everything I would like in a club. It has a wonderful balance. It is a sports club for both men and women. It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world – said Textor.

SAF of club purchases in Brazil

– In Brazil, I think I was one of the first to buy SAF. Ronaldo, on Cruzeiro. 777 partners, in Vasco da Gama. Maybe Manchester City will buy the club. Capital flows to Brazil, which is one of the world’s largest talented designers. People in Botafogo are looking forward to sharing this experience. Players go on both sides, from Europe to Brazil and from Brazil to Europe. In the coming years, I hope that Botafogo will be recognized as the best player coach in Brazil.

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