The Beauty of April Baseball – Part III

Here it is, I finally got rid of laziness, I took shame on my face and came to finish what I started. April has been two weeks now, but our review of the funniest month of the season is still in its infancy, and we will now talk about the five best times we had during the first romantic month of the season. So, adjust your posture (you have a curved spine, friend), take a deep breath and let’s start the MLB time tunnel together.

5- The matter of Seiya Suzuki

Coming from the land of the Rising Sun, and carrying the same clan that Shohei Ohtani, Shogo Akiyama and Ichiro Suzuki had, of being very good to the NPB, all doubts about the change of the Japanese foreign player were answered with force in his. first month playing at a high level of competitive baseball.

When the NL player of the month award was awarded, Suzuki produced extremely offensively, with .409 OBP (percentage of arrivals), .934 OPS (OBP + SLG) and 4 home runs, in the largest series from the start. . season. The Chicago side fan would be delighted to have such talent on his team, as he is the only player rarely seen in league history. You can find more in-depth analysis from the Cubscast people here.

4- K 2,697 GOATS Clayton Kershaw

Cy Young and MVP Clayton Kershaw three times on April 30 broke the Los Angeles Dodgers’ all-time record of scoring the most goals (while the opponent is out for the third goal) in his football career, when he was in the fourth round of the game. against the Detroit Tigers he scored two hundred and six hundred and ninety-seven goals in blue and white, with his fourth K that night.

This record coincides with a very good start that Kershaw made this year, being everything that the Dodgers expected from his Ace and even more. With Kershaw playing at this level, the Dodgers are very popular in the turbulent National League and are a very sick opponent to play with. What a joy to see Kershaw return after his injury last year, let it be until the end of the year. You can hear the non-club analysis of this work in this episode of Dodgers Actors here.

3- No-no in Queens

On April 29, five strikers rallied to place the second winner in New York Mets history and the first of the season. Their names: Meghil; Smith; Rodriguez; Lugo; Day. We have a knockout session about it here.

The match was at Citi Stadium and ended in a 3-0 win over arch-rival, Philladelphia Phillies, which gives the best taste of the match, which shook the big stage that the big apple team lived at the end of the game. April month.

2- three thousand times, Miguel Cabrera

Jose Miguel Cabrera, or simply Miggy, arrived on April 23, the main score of 3,000 hits in his career. Miggy is also a double MVP and won the title three times in the 2012 season. Cabrera is the only player in league history to have more than 3,000 hits, 500+ home runs, an average of 300+ and two MVPs. We also have a knockout program that talks about it here.

Regarding this record, it is interesting to note that Miggy is from Venezuela, the pitcher was Venezuelan and the keeper was also Venezuelan, and there were several Venezuelan flags around the stadium. How can anyone not be passionate about baseball?

1- Habemus baseball!

For me this was the best time of April, to have a baseball. Keep in mind the whole process of negotiations between MLB and MLBPA was torture, I was very skeptical we would have had a baseball that year, I even said that from then on the league started its inevitable death (I manage comments, if you can read it here), but in the end it all worked out or a little and we have a baseball to enjoy all year round. The best time for baseball is to have baseball. China …

I’m concluding my summary here, as April was very cool, let’s wait for the ball-sewing game to prepare us for the rest of the year. Thank you if you have managed to get here, do not forget to stretch your posture, drink water, apply sunscreen and have fun with baseball! See you soon!

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