The best Lakers-Nets business involving Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook


As you know, the Lakers are reportedly one of the teams looking to sign Kyrie Irving if the defender does not sign a contract extension with the Nets.

Kyrie has a player option worth $ 36.6 million for next season. However, if Kyrie and the Nets fail to reach an agreement, the player will be an unlimited free agent, or the board may seek to sell him on a “sign-and-trade” contract.

The Lakers have their own trade restrictions due to a series of contracts in the past that leave the team completely unchanged financially. In order for the Lakers to secure a place with a reliable defender, they would have to wait for him to choose his contract before negotiating. A “sign-and-trade” contract would bring team-based limitations, which would force the board to finalize a list of low-paid players around three new players for next season.

If we talk financially the Lakers will have problems in achieving the deal, there is another way to get a reliable defender in this outdoor season through the following trade:

Lakers are welcome: Kyrie Irving and Joe Harris.

Nets are receiving: Russell Westbrook, Talen Horton-Tucker, 2027 first-round nominee and second-round qualifiers.

In this case, the Lakers significantly improved their three points around LeBron and AD, allowing Darvin Ham’s “4-out” system to succeed. Both Kyrie (39.3% of the 3 job scores) and Harris (43.9%) are better off than Westbrook (30.5%) and THT (27.6%).

Harris’s $ 75 million four-year contract, which will run until 2023-24, does not appear to be wise again after the 30-year-old missed nearly the entire 2021-22 season due to ankle surgery. In good health, though, is a good 3-D wing, which the Lakers missed last season.

Horton-Tucker, who has one year left on his player-choice option on his three-year contract, $ 31 million, has lost his business value after a season’s turmoil, but he still has the potential to impress. Nets are in a win-win situation now, so the board could ask talented youngsters for a business like this.

Although the rumors surrounding Kyrie are still very small, if the Lakers’ interest is genuine, this could be a package that Rob Pelinka could give to the Brooklyn team.

Is it worth it? Comments below.

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