The best NBA coach of the year has already given up basketball after a family tragedy and ‘saved’ by Popovich

It was from her son’s hands that Monty Williams received the Coach of the Year award. In the middle of the practice, he was surrounded by his players and hugged by his family. The Phoenix Suns coach won the award even with a slight delay. Monty deserved to receive the honor early last season and witnessed the award reach the year the NBA is finishing its 75th season. years.

Monty Williams quit basketball after a family tragedy and was Monty Williams quit basketball after a family tragedy and was “rescued” by Gregg Popovich – Photo: NBA / Disclosure / ND

After the arrival of the coach, The Suns changed their level and went from being a team to complement the table and becoming the team with the best campaign in the League. In his first year, he made an 8-0 record on Bubble, was out playing with “a little” and showed that a job in Arizona would pay off. The following year, he reached the NBA Finals and, in a season in which the NBA recognized the greatness of his career, achieved the best campaign in the history of brokerage and League leadership.

The Suns have 7th game ahead of Luke Doncic’s Dallas Maverick to define their season history, but nothing that has happened in the last three can happen. It was because Monty Williams was resilient and strong enough to overcome a family tragedy. He is not alone. He asked for the help of a hand that stretched out his hand and sent him back to basketball. Hand? From the story of Gregg Popovich.

COY for the 2021/2022 season suffered a sudden tragedy that shook its entire structure and its entire family. A father of five, Monty was the assistant coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016 and received news that changed his life and could have nurtured NBA fans the talent of the coach. His wife, Ingrid Williams, died February 10 in a tragic accident. One of the cars flashed a red light at the intersection and struck a car driven by Ingrid, 44.

At his funeral, he expressed his condolences to the family of the driver who caused the accident and who also died in the crash. “This family did not wake up wanting to harm my wife. “Life is hard, this was very difficult, but we do not want the family to suffer,” he said at the time.

Monty and Ingrid had five children whose mother was suddenly torn apart. The coach left basketball. At the end of the season, OKC officially announced that the then-back would not return to the NBA.

Five months after the OKC announcement, Monty was hired by San Antonio Spurs as vice president of operations, and from then on, everything changed. And he knows and recognizes who was responsible for changing his life, which seemed to lose its meaning, becoming a means of victory and evolution.

Monty has a reputation for changing his players. Seasons and The Suns play shows what a coach’s hand can do with athletes who are talented and in need of maturity.

But, before he could change the Sun, it was Gregg Popovich’s hand that saved him. “He was the only one who did not give me a job, he gave me a chance to have a safe home. Pop was the only one who took the necessary steps and prevented me from making a bad decision. No one else could talk to me and I needed honesty at the time. He has been in my life for 25 years and I love him as a family, “he said in an interview in 2019, when he was already at Suns as a coach and facing Pop, the most successful coach in NBA history.

Monty landed in Phoenix in May of that year and if Pop saved him and changed his direction, he did the same for the Suns.

The team was seen as a joke in the NBA for many years and the arrival of a coach changed the course of the story. The first year of the “recognition” and eight-win series that made the world look closer to Arizona, which already had talented players. In his second year, the inclusion, the arrival of Chris Paul and the NBA Finals.

This season, the best campaign in the history of brokerage, with 64 wins and only 18 losses, League leadership and a worthy COY award.

The award honors the love of life for basketball. The love that made him come back after an irreparable loss and a hole in the life of the whole family. The gift came easily. Monty had 458 points in the election and Taylor Jenkins, second, had 270. Spoelstra scored 3 points with 72 points.

Surrender could not have been done otherwise, along with other witnesses, elsewhere. A family that was forced to gather and pick up pieces after a tragedy, a team that sets history. Submission to the court in which he forms a team that, like him, has been reborn.

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