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Michael Lewis is a book author The big shortpainted an interesting portrait of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) in his soon-to-be-released book about the former FTX CEO.

In an excerpt from Going to Infinity: The Rise and Fall of a New Entrepreneur Published in The Washington Post on October 1, Lewis described Many of the interactions Bankman-Fried had with media and influential figures before the downfall of FTX and his criminal charges in the United States. According to the author, he would often play video games in the background of online interviews — his exploits in League of Legends have been well reported — and often paid little attention to people including Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

“Sam didn’t want to seem rude,” Lewis said in SBF’s talk with Wintour. “It was just that he needed to play this other game at the same time as whatever game he was playing in real life. His new social role as the world’s most interesting new billionaire required him to do all kinds of stupid things. He needed To something other than what he was expected to think about, to occupy his mind.

Lewis added that Natalie Tian, ​​who moved on to become FTX’s head of public relations and SBF’s “personal scheduler,” said the former CEO canceled several highly publicized appearances — often at the last minute — for no reason at all. Wintour’s interview reportedly led to FTX and Bankman-Fried being sponsored as a special guest at the Met Gala, which ended up being snubbed.

“Sam treated everything on his schedule as optional,” the book states. “The schedule wasn’t so much a plan as it was a theory. When people asked Sam about his time, they assumed they were asking a yes or no question.” […] All he did, when he said yes, was assign a non-zero probability to the proposed use of his time. The dial swung wildly as he calculated and recalculated the expected value of each commitment, right up until the moment he either honored it or didn’t honor it.

Other personal presentations by Bankman-Fried included testifying before the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee in December 2021 and meeting with Senator Mitch McConnell. The appearances marked some of the rare times the SBF appeared in public wearing a suit instead of his usual T-shirt and shorts – although social media users pointed out footage of the then-CEO’s shoes slipping off unlaced at the hearing.

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It’s not clear what other information will become available once the book is released on October 3, the same day jury selection for SBF’s criminal trial begins in New York. Amid the expected court proceedings, a slew of podcasts, news features, books and other media have been released detailing aspects of Bankman-Fried’s life before and after the downfall of FTX. a 60 minutes An interview with Lewis revealed that SBF had plans to pay former US President Donald Trump not to run for office again on the basis of the threat to elections and democracy as a whole.

On October 4, Bankman-Fried will appear in a New York courtroom on the first day of his trial, scheduled to last until November. He will face seven counts of fraud at FTX and Alameda Research, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

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