The herpes zoster vaccine reaches ES and can cost around R $ 2 thousand

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Launched this month in Brazil, a new vaccine agent against shinglespopular as shingles, is now available at some immunization clinics in Espírito Santo. Vaccine prices are among the most expensive in the vaccine market list.

In Greater Vitória, it is available for an average of R $ 890 (the value of the offer of measurement) in private immunization clinics. The coverage rate can cost up to R $ 940 in some areas. The regimen consists of two doses used for two to six months. The original vaccine, Zostavax, costs an average of R $ 550 and is used in a single dose.

Studies show that the effectiveness of the new vaccine, Shingrix, provided by the pharmaceutical company GSK, against the disease and the severe pain it causes, is 90% for people over the age of 50.

Herpes zoster is an infectious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus and causes severe pain in the patient, according to experts.

according to the doctor pathologistCarlos Urbano G. Ferreira Jr., the vaccine brings significant improvements, as it can be applied to people with low immunity, something that the previous one did not allow.

“Vaccination on the market before this reduced the frequency of pain caused by estrogens by 50% and against the disease by 70%. In addition, it is made up of living viruses, but it has decreased. Therefore, people with a lower risk. The new one has nothing to do with living and works more than 90% of pain and illness. “said the doctor.

Also according to the specialist, the vaccine agent can be administered to anyone above 50 years of middle or middle age 18 and 50 yearsin this case, for those who have problems related to low immunity:

– Patients undergoing cancer treatment;
– Transplantation;
– People with HIV;
– Long-term users of immunosuppressive drugs, such as corticosteroids, for example.

about coverage

According to the president of the Brazilian Association of Vaccination Clinics (ABCvac), Geraldo Barbosa, the vaccine is available at all private immunization centers in the country as well as at immunization centers that have been approved to offer vaccines in the private market.

The average price varies between R $ 860 and R $ 1,000, depending on the location, due to the tax burden and equipment, therefore, there is no “uniform” price. “One of the main reasons for the high price is that it is an imported vaccine, like all the others, which has new technologies and this increases the cost and investment in making this vaccine”, he pointed out.

The expectation is that with the arrival of Shingrix on the market, the number of vaccines used will grow significantly. The annual average recorded by Zostavax (last generation vaccine, with reduced viruses) is 15 thousand doses used.

Regarding the arrival of new vaccines that could compete with Shingrix, allowing lower prices, Barbosa informed that there are no predictions. “Basically, there is no prediction of the arrival of a new vaccine from another laboratory similar to Shingrix’s zest.

what is herpes zoster

To understand what a viral infection is, it basically involves the reappearance of the virus that causes chickenpox in the body. A pathologist, Ana Paula Bulian spoke about the mechanism of the disease. “At first, we got chickenpox. It is very contagious and is transmitted through the respiratory tract. To get the idea, just stay with an infected person for an hour in the same closed environment to catch the disease. Later, this virus is” hidden “in our organism. and it can happen again at some point in that person’s life “.

Herpes zoster usually appears, especially in periods of low immunity caused even by stress, warned a specialist. There was a record high incidence of the disease in the period of the epidemic caused by Covid-19.

“This disease causes very severe pain, which can be compared to genital warts and kidney colic.

Symptoms and treatment

Among the symptoms of shingles are: pain, redness and blisters on one side of the body, as they follow the nerve area. Areas can vary between back, head and chest. Irritation and irritation are also among the complaints of patients.

People over the age of 50 with diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cancer, and psychological disorders, insomnia, in treatment with immunosuppressants are more likely to develop the disease.

Treatment requires examination by a specialist. After that, medications, analgesics and compresses are prescribed, depending on each case.

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