The Hornets have offered to do business with Russell Westbrook

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One of the teams that showed interest in doing business with Russell Westbrook was Charlotte Hornets. And with his appearance, Michael Jordan’s team may still want to play for the goalkeeper.

Although little has been said about the matter, and even more with rumors that the Lakers will be interested in Kyrie Irving, he returned to the table this week according to a report by The Ringer interviewer Kevin O’Connor.

“Russell Westbrook’s intentions that Marc Stein reported months ago are true. Although Westbrook is meaningless as a player with Ball, he has a contract that expires and the Hornets could be a treasure trove for banned agent Miles Bridges, with LaMelo’s extra time coming up. It ‘s a good time to transfer another long-term salary (eg Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier) to a contract near the end of Russia. A fast player who can help LaMelo. Bridges are good. With him or not, the Hornets need someone. “

The exchange of Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier for Russ would save a lot of money for The Hornets in the short and long term. Next season, the Hornets would save $ 4.4 million and stop paying Westbrook’s salary when he becomes an independent agent after next season. Hayward and Rozier are expected to earn approximately $ 54.7 million together next year. Rozier’s contract extends to the 2025-26 season, valued at $ 24.9 million and $ 26.6 million over the past two years, with Hayward expected to earn $ 31.5 million in 2023-24, the final year of your contract.

Although everyone has strong contracts and a lot of pressure from all sides because of it, they have all been productive in Charlotte. In the 2020-21 season, they all played very well in the first half. Hayward’s injury issues are evident, but Rozier has been a consistent partner of LaMelo Ball.

In the last two seasons, Rozier has averaged 20.9 points, 4.6 assists and 4.6 rebounds while hitting 44.7% of his shots, 38.1% from 3rd column.

If these talks take place, it will be a financial plan. By trading with Hayward and Rozier, the Hornets would provide more than $ 106 million that would have been donated to Miles Bridges, LaMelo Ball and PJ Washington, all of whom must enter into a free agency or be eligible for an extension within the next two years.

On the other hand, this huge amount of money that goes into the Lakers ’salary list would not have been better with the change in the long-term list. With no money in mind, the addition of Rozier and Hayward would greatly improve the Lakers ‘chances in what could be LeBron James’ last season in Los Angeles.

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