The Maldives are repeating the trick of the banal investigation that plagued Lethal Weapon


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The Brazilian Maldives series repeated a a banal investigative approach that tarnished the American drama Lethal Weapon (2016-2019). The situation is as follows: death is considered a suicide until detectives, after having “Sherlock Holmes”, begin to see the case as a murder because the victim was left, and the shooting would occur with his right hand. ..

In the very first period, Death machine (Globoplay, HBO Max) presented an investigation whose change was this explosion of “ideology” from the police. The Maldives used this feature in the sixth episode of the first show season, thus changing the course of the master plan.

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[Atenção: spoilers de Maldivas a seguir]
The Maldives are the backbone of the investigation into the disappearance of Patrícia Duque (Vanessa Gerbelli), who was treated for the first time as a dead man after a fire broke out in her home, inside a condom that gives the column its name.

The investigators of the case, Denilson (Enzo Romani) and Habacuque (Marcelo Varzea), discuss the continuation of the investigation after being in a snooker; Denilson prefers to continue, Habakkuk calls for despair. This situation takes on a new dimension and exposure from Sandro (Caio Scot), a forensic specialist at the police station.

Photo of a case considered suicide in the Maldives series

During a football test, she compared the current case to that of the past, in which Antonela Vargas, mother of Veronica (Natalia Klein), announced her death by suicide. Sandro had mentioned, at the time, the disagreement: “jeraha [em Antonela] it was in the right temple [parte lateral da cabeça]he remembered. he was left-handed. A person who commits suicide will not risk being shot in the wrong hand. ”

The disclosure of the “genius” reopened the case, as the weapon of the crime would be Veronica, setting her up as the main suspect in Patricia’s disappearance. Veronica would be involved in the death of her mother and in the “death” of a former Maldives bankruptcy.

“Stupid” Lethal Weapon

With the familiarity of one of the most influential films in cinema, Lethal Weapon was attacked by criticism from the very first episode. The attack targeted a fully-fledged plot, and a thorough police investigation even.

The Hollywood writer called the attraction a “ignorance and prediction”when Variety was difficult: Lethal Weapon returns cheap formulas from all types of crime series. ”

In that case, detectives Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) and Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford), worked on an investigation presented by Bernard Scorsese (Johnathan Fernandez), a forensic pathologist: “This is Ramon Alvarez. A bullet hole in the right temple. It looks like suicide “. There was a wreck on the right hand of the dead man.

Roger and Martin spoke with Ramon’s wife to find out more about the victim. There, it was Roger who had cognition disclosure. He saw Ramon’s baseball glove, realizing that he was left-handed (In baseball, the left hand uses gloves in the right hand to throw the ball with the left).

Damon Wayans in the first episode of Lethal Weapon

Why did Alvarez use his right hand if he was left?, he asked his colleague. The case is settled, see how it shines.

Lethal Weapon used and misused these simple solutions. The fact is that the public did not think it was so bad, perhaps even for that reason, without the need to pay too much attention to the story. The series was a success, as well as in Brazil, to register a good rating on Globo.

It has been reported that the crime drama would only go on for more than three seasons if there were no major back-to-back problems caused by actress Clayne Crawford. ⬩


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