The Memecoin $Garbage project aims to launch a $100,000 giveaway Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

Miami Beach, USA / Florida, October 13, 2023, Chainwire

$garbage, the world’s first garbage-themed meme coin, is taking the world of cryptocurrencies by storm. With a unique story backed by a mutual distaste for the current course of modern affairs, the company hopes that $Garbage will quickly become one of the most popular and talked-about cryptocurrency projects in the world.

“Crypto gets a bad reputation,” said an anonymous member of the whale-backed $Garbage project team. “But let’s face it – the fiat currency system is falling apart, and our global financial system is sliding into a cesspool of dysfunction. If it’s all going to end in a hot mess anyway, doesn’t it make sense to fast forward to the end and reverse-engineer our way out of the muck?” He adds.

This is where $Garbage comes into play. $Garbage is a meme coin – a movement – supported by a community of people who are fed up with the status quo. $Garbage is about having fun and exposing the bleeding rot that increasingly plagues our global financial system.

What to expect from $Garbage

$Garbage brings people together to have fun and turns the world of making money upside down with a custom meme machine and more.

$Garbage will be hosting several community events and contests over the next two months, with prizes totaling $100,000. This will include weekly giveaways worth $1,000, as well as $10,000 worth of competitions called the “Oscars” – an epic battle to determine the ultimate meme champion. The team hopes the $Garbage token will be as contagious as laughter.

With many helpful features like staking, earning contribution, buybacks, and in-game utilities – $Garbage is more than just a coin. The $Garbage team has a community of 1.4 million Tik Tok – Possibly the biggest crypto meme channel ever.

$garbage launches in October

The $Garbage pre-sale will launch in October. To learn more about $Garbage and how to join the movement, interested buyers can visit the website websiteor on Twitter, cable, Tik TokAnd Instagram.

About $garbage

Everything is $garbage, so we created a token for it. $Garbage was created to share memes and spread good vibes in the world of garbage.

The Garbage Project is the source of this content. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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