The most urgent matter for Ha Joo-seok, who forgot his duty

Summary of contentHanwha Eagles captain Joo-seok Ha displayed a bonus and a penalty kick at 20 p.m.
“Sorry for your reckless behavior.”

Ha Joo-seok, captain of the Hanwha Eagles in a paid baseball game, was dissatisfied with the referee’s decision and caused a riot by knocking his ball down. / good news

[한스경제=김호진 기자] The prospects for Ha Joo-seok (28), captain of the Hanwha Eagles baseball team, are bleak. He was not satisfied with the referee’s decision to hit and offend baseball fans through insults as well as misconduct.

On the 17th, through the club, Ha Joo-seok apologized, “As captain, I apologize for disappointing my fans and teammates for my reckless act. I also apologize to the judge. ”

The day before, on the 16th, he could not control his emotions when he attacked at the end of the eighth round, which was 0-2 at home against the Lotte Giants at Daejeon Hanwha Live Eagles Park. Referee Song Su-geun (40) when he made the decision to attack Chogu, who went down the aisle outside his opponent Koo Seung-min (32), expressed his dissatisfaction after hitting the missing swing in the next match. He went to the bunker and slammed his racket down. With that, the judge ordered Ha Joo-suk to leave, and Ha Joo-seok vehemently protested and returned to the bedroom. His anger did not end there. He took off his hat on the bunker door, exacerbating the situation. The hat hit the wall and flew behind coach Wes Clements (64), causing a shocking turn of events.

This is not the first trip to Ha Joo-seok. After failing in the Hanwha film “Clubhouse”, released earlier this year, he broke a racket on the bench during the match and was later warned by director Carlos Sobero (50). Also, in the match against NC Dinos held at Changwon NC Park on April 30, he hit a blow after hitting the missing swing. Regardless of the cause, it is a neglected attitude and a professional spirit.

There is a strong public opinion against Ha Joo-suk for forgetting his professional position.  / good news

There is a strong public opinion against Ha Joo-suk for forgetting his professional position. / good news

Ha Joo-seok, who was famous for having enough skills to use the Taeguk label previously, has an average of 0.213 hits this season. Overall, the score is not as good as last year. Also by the morning of the 19th the team was down the tail due to relegation such as losing 7 matches in a row. I myself may be confused, but as a captain who was supposed to lead the team, I did something I should not have done. On the Hanwha fan bulletin board from “Fan Times” the complaints were “Release Joo-Seok Ha”, “I went too far as a complainant” and “How long should I watch?”

The Korean Football Association (KBO) will convene a Ha Joo-seok Gifts and Penalty Committee at the Dogok-dong Football Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 20th to determine the level of disciplinary action. The first thing Ha Joo-suk, who has drafted into the Second Army, has to do is “find a state of calm”. It is important to achieve good results, but first and foremost you need to be a role model for young players. That’s why the old ones are there. Fans are always looking for the same place, good and bad times. It remains to be seen whether he can show a real professional in the future.

Posted by Kim Ho Jin, team correspondent

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