The UK data watchdog has warned Snapchat of the dangers of chatbot AI Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

The social media platform Snapchat has received a warning from the UK data watchdog regarding its new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot known as “My AI”, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. to update Published by the organizer.

On October 6, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office issued a preliminary notice to Snap Inc. and Snap Group Limited, the parent companies of Snapchat, over a potential failure to “properly assess the privacy risks” posed by the chatbot.

The notice is based on an interim investigation into the company by the watchdog which said the risks to several million My AI users, including children aged 13 to 17, had not been adequately identified before its launch.

John Edwards, the UK Information Commissioner, commented on the notice, saying:

“We have made clear that organizations must consider the risks associated with AI, alongside the benefits. Today’s initial implementation notice shows that we will take action to protect the privacy rights of UK consumers.

According to the notice, if a final enforcement notice is issued, Snap may be subject to a cessation of data processing in relation to “My AI”, which will no longer provide the service to UK-based users without an “adequate” risk assessment.

At present, the Commissioner’s Office said no conclusion should be reached at the current stage of investigations.

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Snapchat’s chatbot was rolled out to Snapchat+ users in the UK in February 2023, with wider availability starting in April 2023.

‘My AI’ is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology and, according to the data watchdog, was “the first example of generative AI embedded in a major messaging platform in the UK”.

Throughout the year, major social media platforms have integrated AI features into their operations. On October 4, Microsoft-owned social media platform LinkedIn announced additional AI tools available to recruiters and an AI assistant in its Learning Center.

BigTech giant Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, and Google have also revealed the integration of their chatbot into their service offerings.

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