These three traders offer their thoughts on which meme coins E.T Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

In an unpredictable market like the coin market, the allure of quick gains has made these low-value coins a hot topic among traders on social media.

Given the saturated nature of the market, getting inside information from those in the know can make a big difference for those seeking to find success in the next coin.

This article explores the insights of three prominent cryptocurrency traders on which meme coins could skyrocket, ensuring investors get a clear overview of the current market situation.

1. Michael Froebel

The first is Michael Froebel – an investor and analyst with a YouTube following of over 310,000 people.

Wrubel has made a name for himself over the past four years, uploading more than 1,900 videos on a range of cryptocurrencies, from low-value tokens to established coins like Bitcoin.

Recently, Wrubel has been focusing more on the coin market in the wake of Pepe Coin’s massive rise earlier this year.

One meme that Wrubel believes could be poised to explode is Meme Kombat (MK)a brand new pre-sale project that is creating buzz throughout the investment community.

Designed for gaming enthusiasts, this Ethereum-based platform allows users to bet on AI-powered battles between meme characters like DOGE and Pepe the Frog.

Bets are placed using MK, Meme Kombat’s native ERC-20 token, with those who pick the winner of each battle reaping the rewards in the form of additional MK.

Moreover, Meme Kombat also allows users to share their MK codes Get a return of up to 112% per annum.

The Meme Kombat fighting feature will be split into seasons, with the first season expected to debut later this year.

Season 2 will bring new meme characters and battle modes, ensuring that the platform remains attractive throughout its life.

In his speech Video breakdown of the Kombat memeWrubel cited the dual-gain potential as one of the main reasons behind his “optimism” about MK.

Early investors can purchase MK through an ongoing pre-sale, at a token price of $1,667.

50% of MK’s total supply has been allocated to pre-sale investors, with a funding target set at $1 million.

Considering that the prequel is already over 31% funded, it appears that Meme Kombat is well on its way to achieving its goal – which means Wrubel’s optimism seems well-placed.

Visit the Kombat Presil meme

2. Samurai Alt Coin

Altcoin Samurai is a popular cryptocurrency trader with over 27,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter).

Altcoin Samurai is known for his expertise in cryptocurrencies, and often posts about low-value cryptocurrencies that are breaking out or may have the potential to breakout in the future.

One new meme that Altcoin Samurai thinks could explode is HairyPlotterFTX (FTX), which is It is currently trending at #3 on

According to Altcoin SamuraiGlobal headlines related to the Sam Bankman-Fried trial could be key to pushing FTX higher in the coming weeks.

In addition, the number of FTX holders is growing rapidly – ​​Altcoin Samurai even claims that “whales” are requesting a dig via its direct messages.

3. Philip the First

Finally, another trader who recently gave insight into the meme coin market is philipTheFirst.

Like Altcoin Samurai, philipTheFirst often provides technical and fundamental analysis of the meme coin market – and has previously Turned $5,000 into $500,000 worth of NFTs.

philipTheFirst A topic has been published about Calcium (CAL) on September 27, stating that it has “high potential as a meme coin.”

In this thread, philipTheFirst highlights how the CAL was initially created as a token by Shiba Inu developers, but immediately took on a life of its own.

Additionally, 50% of the total CAL supply has been burned, adding a deflationary element that could help prices grow over time.

With CAL code It is currently ranked 4th on the token listphilipTheFirst’s analysis can be a valuable perspective for cryptocurrency traders.

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Cryptocurrency scrgruppen

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