Tired Ape Yacht Club: The World’s Largest NFT Accused of Racism

The Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), NFT’s most popular collection, has been accused of racism by YouTube. In the video, which already has over 400,000 views, Philion claims to be a monkey they aim to undermine the dignity of certain ethnic groups, such as Jews, Irish, Asians, and blacks.

His first argument is associated with the BAYC logo. According to Philion, the image has many similarities to the logo of Unit 3 of SS Totenkopf, a unit of the Nazi army.

Comparison between the logo of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Division 3 of SS Totenkopf. Source: YouTube / Play

Going further, it also shows other details on the emblem, such as the number of teeth on the skull. According to the correspondent, the number 18 will be the alphanumeric code for Adolf Hitler, representing his letters, where 1 represents the letter A and the number 8 represents the letter H.

Still on top of racism, it is also known that several NFTs listed for sale have 14 or 88 numbers entered at their end. This second being the principle of Heil Hitler, the Nazi salute.

BAYC NFTS trades are numbered, Philion notes.  Source: YouTube / Production.
BAYC NFTS trades are numbered, Philion notes. Source: YouTube / Production.

The tired Ape Yacht Club promotes imitation, says youtuber

The main caution was triggered by the monkey NFTs themselves. According to the video, its creators could choose any other animal, however, they chose one that is racist.

“The reason people reach this conclusion (that BAYC NFTs are racist) is because of something called imitation. This refers to comparing tribes to monkeys.”

Another attraction is the monkey costume. One of them, number # 6969, is wearing a Prussian hat, a monument to the German empire, as well as a prison jumpsuit.

Tired Ape Yacht Club # 6969. Source: YouTube / Play

NFTs that have a Japanese head (does not fire) over their heads, carry the word kamikaze. According to Philion, this could be the memory of imperial Japan, an ally of Germany during both World Wars.

BAYC using a headband with Kamikaze inscriptions. Source: YouTube / Play

The following are travel helmets, used by the British Empire during the colonial period of African countries. In addition, it is also possible to find ushankas, linked to the USSR, as well as other clothing.

BAYC NFT clothing. Source: YouTube / Production.

Finally, YouTube member also highlights that bananas in the game of the Bored Ape Yacht Club are swastika-shaped.

MwanaYouTube hints that bananas from the BAYC game look like a swastika. Source: YouTube / Production.

Who invented the NFP of the Tired Ape Yacht Club?

Noting that the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs would be responsible, the YouTube kid notes that there are six artists on the team. However, he points out that it was an artist named Seneca who created the first drawings.

Despite this, after being confronted with the drawings, Seneca could not even identify some of the NFTs, such as # 6969, saying it was “unofficial”, though it is.

Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC

Following his accusations, youtuber Philion also raises some questions about the company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, Yuga Labs.

According to the company, the name Yuga is a reference to the villain from the game Zelda. However, Philion points out that the name refers to the Hindu word Kali Yuga, an era of conflict, which later came to be used by al-right.

“This phrase was first mentioned on September 11, 2014 by an anonymous 4chan user,” Philion points. “In response to people outraged by Gamergate, where an anonymous user commented,” I know it’s dark sometimes, but you must learn to enjoy it. Admit it to be a bad person. Walk Kali Yuga. “

Attacks Yuga Laboratories and BAYC Software Developers

Another thing highlighted by youtuber is the names of the founders and developers of Yuga Labs and Bored Ape Yacht Club. According to him, their names have hidden meanings.

The first, EmperorTomatoKetchup, was based on a 1971 Japanese film with the same name, banned in several countries for child pornography. More specifically, it shows that a boy wearing a fascist uniform takes advantage of an adult woman sexually.

Gordon Goner, on the other hand, will be an anagram for Drango Negro, which can be translated into Negro Estúpido, shows youtuber. Meanwhile, Sass, another BAYC developer, will be referring to two Nazi forces, SA (Sturmabteilung) and SS (Schutzstaffel).

Finally, Philion cites several other reasons that led him to believe that the Ape Yacht Club of the Tired NFTs are racist, arguing that their developers may be neo-Nazis or extremists. The full video, with all the costs, is available below.

Youtuber recommends burning BAYC NFTs

While noting that not all NFT owners of Bored Ape Yacht Club are racists, Philion claims that many are misled by the developers of the project. For example, he suggests that several celebrities receive BAYCs for free, serving as marketing tools.

His suggestion is that the owners of the NFTs burn their BAYCs, that is, send them to an address that does not belong to anyone.

However, this can create even greater problems. After all, people against racism would get rid of their BAYCs and this collection would be more centered on racist hands, if your theory is correct. In addition, the reduction in supply would increase their price, which is now in the hands of this second group.

Therefore, even if some of his charges are well-founded, and others are not so serious, the proposed solution is far from ideal. However, Philion touched on a controversial topic and could spark an in-depth discussion about the real purpose of the Ape Yatch Club NFTs.

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