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NFT: Some collections have won the market, with weekly sales exceeding $ 30 million (Image: Freepik / pikisuperstar)

If there is a market sector secret money which seems to have been taken in the past year is that of non-fungal signal (NFT).

In 2021, the so-called NFTs conquered the crypto world once and for all and also marked a major presence in the world of traditional currencies, with total sales of more than $ 20 billion last year.

In addition, they were acquired by celebrities from different areas of activity, such as Neymar Younger.Paris Hilton, Jimmy Fallon, Reese Witherspoon, Post Malone and Stephen Curry.

Despite the depreciation that is part of the cryptocurrency market, NFTs sales remain stable.

The Business Insider website was the first to report that, in the last week alone, these sales reached a mark of $ 335 million.

Check out the five best-selling NFT collections in the past week, based on data from

Position 5: Cold Cats

Cool Cats is a collection of NFTs developed for the Ethereum network (Photo: Good Cats / Parenting)

Cool Cats is a collection of NFTs produced randomly and systematically blockchain he gives Ethereum. The first generation of the collection contains 10,000 NFTs produced from 300,000 options.

In the past week, the Cool Cats registered 148 sales, which amounted to US $ 4.5 million. NFT more expensive than last week sold for $ 50,205.

Position 4: Doodles

Doodles 8515
Doodles collection recorded 144 NFTs sales in the past week (Photo: Doodle / Production)

According to, products in the Doodles collection come in a variety of colors, rhythms and sizes that are spread across 10,000 NFTs.

Buying Doodle gives the buyer permission to participate in coordinating the Doodles Community Fund.

Over the past seven days, the NFT collection had 144 sales, totaling $ 5.4 million. The best-selling product in the collection during this period was valued at $ 137,882.

Position 3: Sandbox

Sandbox Alpha Metaverse
The most expensive Sandbox NFT last week sold for $ 54,720 (Photo: Sandbox / Playback)

Sandbox is a game that gives the user an e-mail world, where he or she can access the original game tokens – SAND – and NFTs.

Last week, The Sandbox recorded 606 sales, which reached $ 7.8 million. The most expensive NFT from that period sold for $ 54,720.

Position 2: Tired Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

Tired of the Ape Yacht Club auction
The NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club rally has attracted a number of celebrities, including Neymar Jr. (Photo: Sotheby’s / Disclosure)

Designed for Ethereum, a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs has been proven to be a favorite of celebrities and professional athletes such as Neymar Jr. and Stephen Curry. The tired Ape Yacht Club can also achieve unique benefits for Yacht Club members.

Over the past seven days, BAYC earned $ 36.3 million from its 484 recorded sales over the period. Last week’s most expensive product collection sold for $ 431,007.

Position 1: CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks 780
CryptoPunks is one of the oldest NFTs collections in the crypto market (Photo: Larva Labs / Reproduction)

Over the past seven days, CryptoPunks, one of the oldest NFTs collections, recorded 57 sales, which reached $ 37 million. The most expensive Punk this week sells for $ 354,317.

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