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O twitter will start allowing some users to use it NFTs (non-fungal signals) as profile pictures through a partnership with Coinbase and an Open Sea digital wallet. This feature was launched this Thursday (20) on Twitter Labs for users subscribing to the Blue service. So far, this is the company’s biggest move towards a digital asset market.

Twitter warning about NFTs as profile pictures (Photo: Playback)

NFT profile pictures are clearly distinguished from normal ones, seen as hexagons instead of circles, the default in all applications. Users can click on the triangle images to see more details about digital art works. The most amazing thing is the internet did not prevent controversial photo downloads connected to non-fungal signals, preferably downloading them regularly in software and on the desktop.

For a time, Twitter Blue Blue users only use iOS devices Apple will be able to upload NFT profile pictures, Twitter said. But the feature is expected to expand to Android soon. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Twitter is partnering with companies like Coinbase and OpenSea to support NFT profile pictures, integrating digital users’ wallets to deliver undetectable tokens to social networks.

The new feature comes after Parag Agrawal succeeded co-founder Jack Dorsey as CEO in December. During his tenure, Dorsey was a strong supporter of secret currencies such as bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Instagram and Facebook must also link NFTs

But it seems like Twitter is not the only social network with plans to integrate NFTs. THE Target also focuses on allowing users create, display and sell non-disruptive tokens on Facebook and Instagramaccording to the report Financial Times.

These plans “are in the early stages and are subject to change,” according to the publication. The Facebook and Instagram teams are developing a feature that will also allow users to display NFTs as their profile pictures. In addition, Meta operates a system that would allow users to create new NFTs via social networks and sell them in a new market for inclusion.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said in December that the company was “diligently investigating NFTs” and how to “make them accessible to a wider audience,” while Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke in October about how metaverse would need to support “digital ownership. ”And non-fungal signs.

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