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Toronto, Canada, October 2, 2023, Chainwire

In a delightful development in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Tyrion The leading decentralized advertising company announces its strategic move to build its advertising platform on Coinbase Basic series. This huge announcement underscores TYRION’s commitment to leveraging the latest technologies to deliver unparalleled advertising solutions, grounded in transparency, efficiency, community motivation and innovation.

Base Chain, known for its strong scalability, security, and efficiency, aligns seamlessly with TYRION’s mission to revolutionize and decentralize the $377 billion digital advertising landscape. By building on Base Chain, TYRION is not only amplifying its technical prowess, but also expanding its reach, tapping into the dynamic ecosystem of builders, innovators, and users.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase and Base Chain, recently stated that he believes decentralized advertising is one of the top 10 next big developments in the blockchain industry. “The best business model in Web 2 is advertising. It’s a fair bet that some form of advertising will be big in Web 3. Developers and startups in Web 3 will be increasingly willing to pay for distribution, but can we do better than the advertising model Traditional? In Web 2, the big innovation was the move from CPM (paying per thousand impressions) to CPC (paying only if someone clicks on the ad). In Web 3, perhaps we can move forward to CPA (paying only When someone buys or takes an on-chain action).”

This is exactly what TYRION is building with the future-proof on-chain capabilities of its platform as it moves to disrupt the way ads are bought and sold in the future – while addressing the global digital marketing monopoly tightly controlled by Meta and Google.

Launching… launching… taking off $Tyrion, the platform’s native token, has been noticed in the cryptocurrency community. Twice TYRION was the featured guest on Twitter’s largest crypto space (X), round table. On Friday, at 12:30 PM ET, September 29, 2023, Tyrion spoke on Twitter, The future of encryption By Mario Novel. This routinely gathers 500,000 listeners and features guests such as Elon Musk, CZ of Binance.

During an AMA segment of the show, Mario expressed interest in using Tyrion’s platform when the MVP Beta launches. This is a big step towards global adoption. Mario is one of the world’s leading figures in the field of cryptocurrencies and finance.

“As we build our product on Base Chain, we are fundamentally stepping into a future where the convergence of advanced blockchain technology and innovative advertising solutions is not just a possibility but a tangible reality,” said Patrick Gajda, CEO of TYRION. “Our decision is rooted in our unwavering commitment to providing our users with an experience characterized by speed, security, incentives and seamless interaction.”

The underlying chain’s incredible low transaction costs, speed of transaction completion, and massive scalability provide TYRION with an environment in which the platform’s features can truly flourish. Advertisers and ad publishers on TYRION will enjoy enhanced performance, fast transactions, and an ecosystem ready to scale globally, without compromising user experience or security.

This strategic alignment heralds a new chapter where the synergy between TYRION and Base Chain will deliver unprecedented value for users, partners and stakeholders. The adaptability and flexibility of Base Chain complements TYRION’s innovative approach to decentralized advertising, promising a future where digital ads are not only seen, but also responsive, interactive and trusted.

For media inquiries and more information about this exciting partnership, please contact:

Cal Tompkins, vice president of communications, via email: [email protected]

About Tyrion

Tyrion It is a beacon of innovation in decentralized advertising, committed to transforming digital advertising through transparency, efficiency and community engagement. Through its pioneering platform, TYRION is not only shaping the future of advertising, but also ensuring that it is participatory, value-driven and trust-based.


Vice President of Communications
[email protected]

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