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[PRESS RELEASE – 6312, Schweiz, October 12th, 2023]

Odaw The first pre-sale raised over $100,000 in 10 days, reflecting a strong commitment to revolutionizing the skills economy. With its second phase quickly approaching from October 12-22, 2023, Udao offers a transformative solution for the future of learning, prioritizing practical skills and real-world knowledge.

In an era where the career landscape is rapidly evolving and the future of work remains uncertain, Odaw has emerged as a pillar of hope for students, learners and the workforce in general. Udao’s mission: To empower people to learn, grow and succeed in the ever-changing world of Web 3.0. The first pre-sale was a huge success. Now, with the second phase of pre-sale approaching, Odaw’s commitment to reshaping the skills economy is clearer than ever.

Pre-Sale 1: Victory: Over $100,000 raised in 10 days

Udao’s first pre-sale has captured the imagination of a growing community of learners, innovators, and forward-thinkers. In just 10 days, they have come together to raise over $100,000, and have already raised over $2 million. The enthusiasm and support for Udao is testament to the urgent need for a platform that meets the needs of lifelong learners, regardless of their formal qualifications.

Unlocking the Future: Udao Pre-Sale Phase 2 – October 12-22, 2023

With the excitement echoing from the successful first phase, Udao is preparing for the second phase of pre-sale, scheduled to take place from 12 to 22 October 2023. With the wealth of support and resources acquired during the first phase, the second phase promises even greater strides in reshaping the skills economy. .

Udao vision and solution

Odaw’s vision is clear – to build a global community that enables everyone to acquire, improve and share their skills with others in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way. As the World Economic Forum estimates, one billion people around the world will need to reskill soon, and nearly half of the job skills we have today will be automated in the near future. Udao is determined to provide a transformative solution to these challenges.

Their platform is designed to prioritize practical skills and real-world knowledge, serving as a global hub that matches users’ skills with organizations’ requirements. The use of cutting-edge AI ensures that the skills learned at Udao precisely match the needs of hiring companies, making education directly relevant to the workforce.

UDAO Code: Community Empowerment

The UDAO token is at the heart of Udao’s transformative ecosystem. This ERC-20 token provides users with a set of utilities that are consistent with ownership of the platform. Holding UDAO tokens provides the ability to participate in governance decisions, participate in platform rewards, and access exclusive features. The financial motivation embedded in UDAO tokens encourages each user to contribute to the success of the platform, transferring power and profit to the community.

Benefits and effect of Udao

Udao courses are uniquely designed to meet the needs of companies that want to hire learners, ensuring learning is effective. They are actively working to address the skills gap and skills imbalance issues that persist in the education sector. Inequality in upskilling and reskilling is a problem that Udao intends to solve by making learning accessible to everyone.

A leading platform based on the Web 3.0 skills economy based on artificial intelligence

Udao is emerging as a sustainable Web 3.0 platform, different from traditional e-learning platforms. Our market-driven skills development ecosystem focuses on bridging the skills gap with community at the heart. The innovative business model ensures that every user is actively involved in the success of the platform. This advanced approach sets Udao apart in the world of education.

Regulatory Compliance in the Swiss Crypto Valley

Udao takes pride in being the first Web 3.0 structured business model focused on the skills economy. Operating under strict Swiss regulations in the cryptocurrency valley of Zug, Udao provides protection against financial fraud, ensuring transparency and legitimacy. This commitment to regulation ensures Udao remains a trusted platform for both learners and businesses.

The future of learning

With approximately 50% of skills expiring in the next 3-5 years, Udao presents itself as the solution to staying relevant in a rapidly changing world. Their comprehensive, integrated skills ecosystem, coupled with strong regulatory compliance in Crypto Valley in Switzerland, positions Udao as a premium solution that is set to shape the future of learning.

Final thoughts

The success of Udao’s first pre-sale is an exciting step into the future of education. As we face an ever-evolving job market, Udao is on a mission to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to acquire and improve the skills that will keep them relevant and empowered in the skills-based economy.

As Udao embarks on its second pre-sale, scheduled for October 12-22, 2023, Udao continues to build an AI-driven platform that unites learners, educators and employers in a collaborative and mutually beneficial environment. Together, they are creating a world where skills are accessible, valued and shared, shaping the future of education and the workforce. Don’t miss the chance to join this revolution and become part of the Udao community today.

About Odaw

As a venture of AnywAI AG, based in the Crypto Valley Zug in Switzerland, Udao benefits from the country’s highest level of global collateral for cryptocurrency companies. Udao envisions a global community that enables everyone to acquire, improve, and share their skills directly with others in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way for the benefit of society. Partnerships with prestigious institutions and companies, including the European Academy for Executive Education, underscore Udao’s commitment to excellence.

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