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UFC Blachowicz vs Rakic ​​ended in a controversial way. Aleksandar Rakic ​​was better after two rounds, but suffered a right knee injury as he walked backwards and saw Jan Blachowicz leave with a TKO victory at 1:11 in the third round. As a result, Pole requested another replacement for the heavyweight belt (up to 93 kg), which he owned until he was overwhelmed by Glover Teixeira.

Jan Blachowicz defeated Aleksandar Rakic ​​by TKO in 1min11 of R3 – Photo: Getty Images

More quickly, Rakic ​​found the distance to hit the Pole and used the best tactics in the game to have the best events in the round. Blachowicz punched good, but had a hard time tackling his opponent’s status. In the second round, the Austrian put him down in the first seconds, but he had to escape a dangerous triangle from his opponent. Above, Rakic ​​controlled only the remaining round.

In the third round, the two fighters slapped each other while standing, but did not land anything bad. But in the Blachowicz indictment, Rakic ​​injured his knee alone and collapsed, forcing the central referee to terminate the match.

Amanda Ribas shows her heart, but fails to go through a split decision

In Amanda Ribas’ rise to jumping weight (up to 57 kg) against the unit’s number 1, Katlyn Chookagian, the victory was profound for the Brazilian. With a good play in the equalizer, Minas Gerais lost with a split decision (29-28, 28-29 and 29-28) on the main card.

Katlyn Chookagian defeated Amanda Ribas by a split decision (28-29, 29-28 and 29-28) – Photo: Getty Images

It didn’t take long for Amanda to win a judo victory against her opponent. The former defender, had a difficult time controlling the American, but maintained his stance and hit whenever he got a chance. After much encouragement, Chookagian succeeded in sweeping and standing. In a knock, the two of them clapped beautifully. Despite the American advantage, Ribas managed to break through the gate a few times.

The bout remained the same in the second round, but Ribas suffered the same blow as the previous round with three minutes left. This time, Chookagian managed to shut down the defender, but the Brazilian was still working on the ground. With one minute to go, the American stepped up and dropped two sharp blows to Amanda’s face. In the final round, Katlyn controlled the distance well with her fists and prevented the Brazilian’s attempts to secure victory.

Pure Bone wins a multi-event battle against Jake Hadley

For those who love jiu-jitsu, the fight between Allan Puro Osso and Jake Hadley was the perfect dish. With a lot of ground turmoil and a high level of technicality, the struggle ended with the Brazilian’s victory in a joint decision (three times 30-27) to achieve his first positive result since he was hired by the UFC. Meanwhile, flyweight weights lifted the Englishman’s unbeaten record, which had already taken eight matches.

Allan Puro Osso defeated Jake Hadley by a joint decision (30-27 three times) – Photo: Getty Images

The first round was a demonstration of ground tactics by both fighters. Puro Osso put the two down, but they changed their dominance a few times and tried to finish the attack. Hadley showed the right field, but the athlete from Chute Boxe Diego Lima had more quality time. In the second round, Puro Osso received a quick removal and peak control all the time.

Hadley bounced back in the final round and landed on top of his opponent’s neck with an inverted hand triangle. Pure Bone tried to sweep, but his back stopped. The Brazilian prevented the opponent from setting the hook and turned the position on by a number of tactics to stay on top. He lost that chance, and the Englishman was on top again, but Puro Osso swept once again and managed the result with low and pounds in the final seconds.

Spann ends up with a confused Cutelaba

Ryan Spann defeated Ion Cutelaba by submitting in 2m22s for R1 – Photo: Getty Images

In the main event of UFC Blachowicz x Rakic, Ryan Spann took a quick chance for Ion Cutelaba to win through a presentation at 2:22 in the first round. The American fell from his opponent at first, got up, but saw the Moldovan try again inexplicably. Recognizing the open neck, he placed the guillotine and secured the victory.

UFC Blachowicz v Rakic
May 14, 2022, Las Vegas (United States)
Jan Blachowicz defeated Aleksandar Rakic ​​by TKO by 1min11 between R3
Ryan Spann defeated Ion Cutelaba through a 2:22 submission of R1
Davey Grant defeated Louis Smolka by knockout in the 49s of R3
Katlyn Chookagian defeated Amanda Ribas through a split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
Manuel Torres defeated Frank Camacho by TKO at 3:27 between R1
Allan Puro Osso defeated Jake Hadley through a unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Vivi Araújo defeated Andrea Lee by a unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)
Michael Johnson defeated Alan Nuguette by KO at 3:22 between R2
Virna Janiroba defeated Angela Hill by a joint decision (three times 30-27)
Tatsuro Taira defeated Carlos Candelario by a joint decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)
Andre Petroski defeated Nick Maximov through a presentation in the 1m16s of R1

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