Vasco draws with Guarani in Manaus, but remains in Serie B’s G4

Vasco de Manaus did their part, filling the Arena da Amazônia, but on the field Vasco was in debt on Thursday night (19). Concerned and lacking in action, the team drew 0-0 with Guarani, who sold off the field. As a result, however, Cruzmaltino remained in the G4 of Brasileirão da Série B regardless of the remaining games of the eighth round.

Vasco now has 14 points and ranks third. The team from Rio could be overwhelmed by Bahia, who have 13 points and will face Ponte Preta in Salvador tomorrow (20). The team from Campinas is in the relegation zone, with eight points, in 17th place.

Vasco and Guarani’s next promises are, respectively, against Brusque, in São Januário (RJ), and Sampaio Corrêa, in Castelão (MA).

Houses show quality

The Chilean midfielder, bought by Vasco, got off to a good start in the second half, but did not receive the support of his team-mates who found it difficult to pull themselves out of the attacking ranks and were seen as an option.

Best of all – Thiago Rodrigues

Living a good time and in a fungate with the crowd, goalkeeper Thiago Rodrigues saved the key and once again saved Vasco.

Worse – Nazário and Juninho

Properly selected to replace Nenê and Yuri Lara respectively, Bruno Nazário and Juninho did not perform well and made mistakes in almost every attempt, be it in passing, dribbling or scoring.

Guarani performance

Guarani was not intimidated by the unfavorable environment and, led by midfielder Giovanni Augusto, played a fair game. He created several chances and, if he was more careful in the conclusion of the games, he would get better results.

Vasco Performance

Photo: Daniel RAMALHO / CRVG

Coach Zé Ricardo placed Juninho and Bruno Nazário in place of Yuri Lara and Nenê, but the choice did not bear fruit. On the contrary, the two were bad and hurt Vasco’s first period, in a game that presented good options. In the final stage, he made several moves and, especially with Palacios’ entry, created more opportunities. The most open spaces, however, were below those extinguished by the peak.

Guarani warm-up

Vasco heating

Birthday to Vascão



Date: May 19, 2022, Thursday
Schedule: 21:30 (from Brasilia)
Competition: Serie B (round 8)
Who: Arena da Amazônia, Manaus (AM)
Judge: Paulo Roberto Alves Junior (PR)
Assistants: Ivan Carlos Bohn (PR) and Victor Hugo Imazu dos Santos (PR)
VAR: Herbert Roberto Lopes (SC)
Yellow cards: Matheus Pereira, Kozlinski, Madison (Guarani); Thiago Rodrigues, Quintero, Palácios, Gabriel Dias (Vasco)

GUARANI: Kozlinski; Diogo Mateus, Ernando (Leandro Castan), Ronaldo Alves and Matheus Pereira; Madison, Leandro Vilela (Silas) and Giovanni Augusto; Júlio César (Ronald), Bruno José (Yago César) and Lucão do Break (Nicolas Careca). Coach: Ben-Hur Moreira (temporary)

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues; Gabriel Dias, Anderson Conceição, Juan Quintero and Edimar; Andrey Santos (Isaque), Juninho (Matheus Barbosa) and Bruno Nazário (Castles); Gabriel Pec, Figueiredo (Erick) and Raniel (Getúlio). Coach: Zé Ricardo

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