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Max Verstappen celebrates pole spot in F1 Canada GP (Photo: Dan Mullan / Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pond)

Even the rain in Montreal could not change the formula for this Formula 1 this Saturday (18). That is because Max Verstappen was not intimidated by the dire situation that took Gilles Villeneuve circuit and went fast. The world champion led all stages of classification and did not give anyone a chance. Verstappen is more likely to win and has a tendency to widen the gap he already has at the top of the Drivers Racing.

The thesis is confirmed not only by the ease with which the Dutchman replaced the Canadian GP in the rain, but especially by his performance on a dry track Friday free practice. Max used the high-speed parts of the Canadian circuit to his advantage to establish a high speed, especially on average tires. At least in Montreal, Red Bull was able to alleviate the minor problems that Verstappen still faces with the RB18, and this explains in part the great rule that the driver has been performing since training.

“Yesterday I think we had a good balance in the car,” Max revealed. “It can also be more dependent on the track, on the roundabouts in general: you need more balance up front – or it would be nice to have a car like that, which I don’t think was my last two steps. But then, in the race, things changed. You are looking for a slightly different balance. Yes, let’s see tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.

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In any case, Verstappen has performance in Montreal in his hands in any case. And even better: the closest rival doesn’t even wear red. Fernando Alonso’s return at the end of Race 3 ended in making the Dutchman’s life a bit difficult, despite the Spaniard’s ‘promise’ to attack from the front.

“It was a very interesting qualification for Max today: even in the worst case scenario, he was on top of all three free exercises. When a song starts to dry out during a period, it becomes an additional challenge, you need to make sure you are in line at the right time, so a good job for the whole team to get sorry “, said bull boss Christian Horner. .

“At the same time, it was a good qualifier for Alonso, I know he will be active tomorrow, but Max should focus on the start, start well and stay in the first corner, to keep pushing hard. We look forward to a good race and a dry song,” he added. .

Interestingly, Alonso plays one of the most exciting roles in Montreal. Sharing the front row with Verstappen, the champion twice sees his platform position gaining momentum in straight line Alpine car. Although he does not have the same performances as the Dutchman in this regard, his performance may even combine the start of the race to a more alert response from the pillars, but it will certainly be a headache for Ferrari – it must be said. that Alonso (and Haas, is absolutely true) made sure the element of surprise that every classification and rainfall needs to have.

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hero alonso

It was July 2012 when Fernando started the front row for the last time. System 1 had ¾ of the current grid operated in the unit, which is, 15 out of 20 current operators. Those were sometimes. That season, for many, seems like the best season we have had in this century because it allowed so many to win. Alonso was the driver of the Ferrari and lost the title in that terrific Brazilian doctor where Sebastian Vettel ran in the first round, almost to retire, he recovered and took a third crown from the Spaniard. Fernando knows he has no chance of winning or fighting for the title. There was even talk that there would be an internal conflict with Oscar Piastri’s reserve to see if his F1 life would continue in 2023. How to dismiss Alonso after his performance in the rain? How to question its quality and thus put it into a kind of lottery whose history would just be left aside?

Alonso has had a lot to present to Alpine since Alpine gave Alonso a “megacar”, as he explained. Max Verstappen’s response to the press conference after graduation was a joke, in fact, but the “old man” could, yes, go around the first corner after starting to connect with the Dutchman from Red Bull and the second, in his favor. forward. That could be, at least, for Alonso to feel like a pilot. The “old” is still new in soul and delivery.

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