Visa announces an incentive plan to create NFT and says digital art is a new form of online business

Based on a content creation economy made up of approximately 50 million artists, musicians and other creators, such as filmmakers and fashion designers, who distribute their products as a full-time or part-time source of income around the world, Visa. The credit cards announced a program related to the creation of non-fungal tokens (NFTs), the “Visa Creator Program”, which aims to support a segment of these content producers that prioritize digital technology, according to media reports.

Emphasizing that the economy of designers is one of the fastest growing forms of small business, with an estimated market share of over $ 100 billion, the company said that through the Visa Creator Program, it hopes to help creators use technology. which supports NFTs and better. understanding what this technology can mean in terms of digital ownership and `earning revenue from creative assets, in a much cheaper way.

NFTs have the potential to be a powerful catalyst for a creative economy. We study the NFT ecosystem and its potential impact on the future of business, retail and social networks. Through the Visa Producers Program, we want to help this new generation of small and medium enterprises explore new digital business media, ”said Crypto Visa Head Cuy Sheffield.

According to the company, each Visa Vacation Program cycle will help a portion of entrepreneurs who want to increase their understanding of NFTs in relation to the five specific areas of the program. One, which focuses on guidelines and products, works with the Visa team of secret products and strategic managers to assess the balance between core blockchain networks, smart contracts and NFT markets, among other issues. Another area, community building, is the exchange of ideas and problem solving with a group of artists at different stages of their NFT journey.

The other three areas are: access to genius leaders, researchers and think tanks in digital business, web3, cryptography and payment; disclosure to Visa customers and partners, which is an opportunity to interact with companies in the Visa network of clients and partners; compensation, which is an immediate subsidy to help producers enter the next chapter of their profession.

In late February, Visa announced another incentive initiative, in this case aimed at expanding loan and financing options for small and medium-sized businesses in Latin America, highlighting increased cooperation between traditional payers and the blockchain industry. In partnership with the Tribal Credit payment trading platform, Cointelegraph reported.


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